3 Fun Activities to do with Autumn Treasure

I absolutely adore this time of year – the colour alone has my spirit dancing, treasures are abundant and the cooler weather allows for longer hikes…oh the Joy of Autumn!

Autumn offers us infinite opportunities for creative nature play, here are just a few to try this weekend.

Take a walk in the woods or a near by park and sit among the trees.

Just Be with the Trees

Before heading off to hunt and gather your treasure, take a moment to get to know the trees, to say thank you to our beautiful majestic friends – they are sacred.


“Between a human and a tree is the breath. We are each other’s breath” – Margaret Bates


Taking time to sit with a tree and become one with the tree, we begin to remember our connection, we remember we are part of nature too. This simple honoring – is a beautiful and peaceful way to begin our nature play adventures.


Evergreen or deciduous, the trees are forever gifting treasure…

Leaf Crowns



FREE PDF – How to make a Leaf Crown

Please click on this link to download your free copy: LEAF CROWNS




Play Conkers


Did you play Conkers when you were a child? We loved playing conkers – I made a short video on how to play conkers – first you’ll need to find a Horse Chestnut Tree!



Read the post: Let’s Bring Conkers Back

Watch the video


Land Art

The possibilities are infinite…allow the children to collect whatever treasure they wish and their imaginations will do the rest. This week we were welcomed by a golden carpet of pine-needles – a brand new organic canvas, gifted by nature.


Here is a post to help inspire:

Sensory Play



Environmental Art



Remember – Nature Play is for all ages! Wishing you all a magical and creative weekend in nature, with love and gratitude Marghanita x



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