Storytelling with Nature Video Series

Doing some prep work today for a new video series – Storytelling with Nature

We investigate different cultures, landscapes, environments and all the animals, birds and insects that live in these sacred places.

Offering students hours of imaginative play and creative exploration – story making with painting, sculpture, music, dance and drama.

Storytelling is a fundamental form of human communication
We are all storytellers, sadly though, today in our fast paced technologically driven modern world, storytelling is being forgotten.

Creating stories with our creations helps renew our inner spirit and rewaken our sense of wonder – rekindling our love affair with the natural world. Storytelling with nature gets us back in touch with ourselves, the land, and our cultural roots.

If you would like to learn more about the video series please email me direct:

Why not join us at Educating the Heart Online Program or in person at one of our Nature Art Weekends, we would love to share this beautiful and sacred journey with you, love and peace Marghanita x


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