I was due to arrive in Edinburgh this week to celebrate my mothers 90th birthday which is at the end of the month. Unfortunately I had to go for an emergency extraction of a troublesome wisdom tooth and was unable to make my flight. On the upside, when my head and jaw feel a little more normal, I’ll have more time to work on her special gift.

With it being her 90th birthday I thought I would like to make her a little booklet full of ninety memories. As I doodled my first thoughts and little sketches – I realised this would need to be broken into 3 little booklets instead of one.




Mother and I



3 mini handmade booklets, each containing 30 treasured memories of time spent with my beautiful mother – as mother and child, mother and adult and the third little booklet, grandmother and mother, with little illustrations sprinkled throughout.





Here are just a few treasured memories…

I remember…you let me climb the trees as high as I dared




Climbing high


I remember… you helped me plant flowers in the garden …and you shared all the names of the little birds that came to visit




Naming the birds









I rememeber… how you always made time to watch my brothers and I perform our latest gymnastic moves; clown acts and obstacle courses we would create in the backgarden.





clowning around in the back garden



I remember… you taught me how to sing Kumaya and If I had a Hammer and we would dance and sing together




Learning to sing


I remember….you painting at your easel and letting me play with your paint and brushes and getting messy – I loved that there were no rules, just fun!

Reminiscing these sacred – precious, magical moments fills my heart with so much love and gratitude – how blessed my brothers and I are to have such a beautiful and loving, earthy mother who continues to inspire us.

Ofcourse the best gift will be creating new memories when I get over to Scotland…

All my love Marghanita x




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