A Fabric Forest

3 beautiful young artists joined me at Educating the Heart last week to create their very own interpretation of a forest scene. Their wall hanging will be part of a travelling workshop with an accompanying book –  “Forest In the Classroom” to help inspire others in Urban communities to learn more about the natural world and it’s inhabitants through creative exploration. If we cannot get the students to the forest, then we must bring the forest to the students.

Their first session was exploring the colours and textures of the trees; in this case the beautiful majestic Ponderosa Pines.

The students then mixed their very own earth paint

And testing the colour and consistency on a small piece of fabric.


After sharing with each other their own individual feelings and thoughts about the forest scene, they planned how they could incorporate elements from each piece of artwork and began scaling their initial sketches onto the blank fabric canvas.

One student suggested they would have a lake in the forest, another wished to make one half of the scene in the daytime and the other half a night scene – I loved this idea.

Once they were all happy with the penciled illustration they began painting.

Super excited for their next session where they will add more detail…

If you would like to learn more about our Nature Art Programs or would like us to visit your school or community, please do leave a message or visit: Nature Art Programs

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