Always with you

Last month Grandpa George, my father-in-law passed away peacefully. The finality of death can be hard, knowing you will never see loved ones in their human form again but I find peace, comfort, knowing they are always with us in spirit. 

Grandpa George and David Montana

Nature Speaks

Shortly after we heard the news that George had passed away a single dove arrived on one of the bare trees outside our livingroom window. I instantly knew it was my husbands father letting us know he was with us.

The following day, around about the same time, he returned to the same tree only this time he had brought with him, his loved one of 70 years whom he’d missed dealy ever since she passed away a few years earlier.

This truly was a gift from the spirit world… words were spoken and yet everything was said.

The image of George finally reunited with his lifelong sweetheart will forever be in my heart….


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