Artists and Nature

My desk is always messy, especially with all the treasure I find in nature; horse chestnuts become conkers, fallen leaves morph into little crowns.

However, this week it’s even messier, after a visit to the local library. I love visiting the library! I love books!

I found a most delightful book on the wonderful abstract artist Paul Klee ” Life and work – Paul Klee” by Boris Friedewald.

Klee’s love of plants stayed with him throughout his entire life. As a result, plants, gardens and parks hold a special place within his work. Paul painted these adorable flowers below, when he was around 8yrs old.

A few years later, nature would be the most important motif in young Klee’s drawings, and also a comforting friend. With time, nature would in fact prove to be more than a model for the young man’s ever more loosely composed drawings – it also became an increasingly intimate confidant. Writing as if he were a child of Romantic Era, the sensitive eighteen -year-old confides: “Outside right now, the first storm of the year is playing itself out. A fresh westerly wind is sweeping over me, bringing the scent of Thyme and the whistling of a train. It plays with my moist hair. Nature does love me! It comforts me and makes me promises.”

Above is one of my favourite Klee paintings: Flowers in the night. Oh how I love Klee’s artwork and poetic verse, how deeply his work resonates with me….such a delightful find from the local library.

What book are you reading right now?

Wishing you all a magical day – may you find time to sit quietly and disappear into an enchanting book, or step outside and let the wind play with your hair, or lose yourself in the golden “magic” of Autumn leaves…

With love and gratitude on this sacred new day, happy Wednesday, peace Marghanita x

References: Paul Klee – Life and Work by Boris Friedewald (Random House) Painings: 1. Childhood Painting ages 8yrs; 2. Faighytale; 3. Flowers in the night (1930)

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