An opportunity to rediscover the joys of being creative in nature with Marghanita Hughes

Wild, Barefoot and Free – Personal Rejuvenation and Inspiration

Autumn gifts an abundance of treasure for us to explore and create into meaningful art. During the hands-on workshops, Marghanita will share activities on how to nurture a deep love and respect for the natural world through creative expression. We will explore how nature art can be integrated in your programming to instill an everlasting love and appreciation for the natural world.

Why attend the Nature Art Weekend? Educators Jen Newberry and Ashley Morse talk about some of the benefits – watch the video:

“You really captured the joy Jen and I discovered in our selves. So many ideas to share with our Kinders! Thank you for that. You are blessed with a beautiful gift and how wonderfully fortunate we were that you shared it with us!” – With love, Ashley – ECE Educator from Vermont

View the Weekend schedule here: NATURE ART WEEKEND

Are you experiencing a sense of disconnection with the natural world? Do you feel uninspired and lacking motivation? Would you like to feel happier, healthier and more creative?

If your answer is yes, then I would like to invite you to a very special outdoor workshop weekend. A unqiue opportunity to “go within” – awaken  your senses, and rediscover the love and beauty of the natural world around you, and express those discoveries and feelings through soulful nature art.


“Thanks for such a wonderful weekend Marghanita. I can’t wait to share your passion with my students.”-  peace, light, and love, Jen – ECE Educator from Vermont


Price: $800 Price includes:

  • Friday and Saturday night accomodation
  • All art materials
  • A journal folder will be presented on arrival and a life time access to the full 12 chapters online program
  • All food is included in the price (wine is extra)

Places are limited. Max 4

Location: Lake Country, Okanagan, BC (10 mins from Kelowna airport)

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