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All young children are creative. Nature play helps nurture imagination and creativity.


I believe that every adult has the responsibility to nurture a child’s creativity and I cannot think of a more awe-inspiring environment to do so, than outdoors in nature.



Today we are offering you our Nature Art Program at a huge discount. This special offer will end on Saturday 18th August. To learn more about the NATURE ART PROGRAM watch the short video :



Purchase today for only $199 and bring the joy back into learning

SPECIAL OFFER ONLY $199  (Original $349)





Children need meaningful outdoor experiences that invite them to play, learn, and explore their place in nature.



Nurturing the Child’s Creative Intelligence



Connecting the Child to Mother Earth’s Heart

Educating the Heart through Nature Art is a 12chapter journey that walks educators through a series of exercises and activities designed to open the mind and heart, and draw on the many benefits of creative play in nature.

Nature nurtures the soul, mind and heart, but so many of today’s children rarely play outside and explore nature, and this is damaging to their long term health and well being.

These art activities engage children with nature in a way that develops a quest for knowledge, a foundation of respect and gratitude, and an appreciation for all life.



What others are saying about the Nature Art Program:

“The past months I have spent discussing, reading and creating have been such a joy. So much compassion has been put into each chapter. During a time of electronic popularity, it is so important to take children outdoors!! These tools are great just for that – taking the children outside to learn about nature and to create with nature. Every lesson that I have taught inspired by your Nature Art chapters have been a fantastic success with my students. Not even the product of what we are creating, but the overall process. They have so much fun with each lesson I share. They are not only learning about new ways to interact with nature, but also how to respect the world around them. Thank you for all that you do!!!” Erin Glynn – Montessori Preschool Teacher


Purchase today for only $199 and bring the joy back into learning

SPECIAL OFFER ONLY $199  (Original $349)





We look forward to you joining us at Educating the Heart, with love and gratitude Marghanita x




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