The best friend on earth of man is the tree

Today I had the pleasure of spending sometime with this majestic giant…a beautiful, enriching and quenching time.

Madly in love with Trees!

This love affair with trees began in childhood when I climbed my first Silver Birch and has grown deeper and more intimate over the years.

The trees are my friends; forever nurturing my soul…


Trees are a constant source of inspiration for my work and art


I am so grateful to the trees for the gifts they share with all of us.

I too, wish to share a gift with you. Simply, share what you love about our friends the trees and I will send you a FREE PDF copy of my children’s book” Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree“. Please leave your comment below, thank you.



Trees Are Everywhere


No matter where you live, there is always a tree to be found. An abundance of life, full of love and wisdom waiting to be discovered in one single tree. You just have to take a moment to look, listen and touch. (Watch the video)

Hug a Tree

Take a moment to hug a tree, I mean really hug the tree…let it’s beauty, love and energy touch your heart. I promise you, you’ll feel happier, healthier and more connected to these beautiful beings. (Watch the video)

When we love something, we want to protect it. Trees need us as much as we need trees!

“The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on earth.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright


“Each tree is like a soul opening out to nature, and thus appreciate tiny saplings and mighty oaks alike.”-Unknown

Simply, share what you love about our friends the trees and I will send you a FREE PDF copy of my children’s book” Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree”. Please leave your comment below, thank you.

Wishing you a magical and enchating weekend with our friends – the trees, love and peace Marghanita x

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  1. Oh, the trees follow me on my journey here on earth, and there are a very deep and beautiful connection between me and them and I always have them in both my thoughts and heart.

    I love them all and I can feel that they really like our company too, and they really like to “talk” to us. All we have to do is listen…

  2. I couldn’t imagine my life without trees.
    They are my go to place everyday.
    They allow me to feel grounded, connected and at peace.
    I love to take the time to touch, feel or smell each and every tree around me. I love the connection we have with trees and Mother Earth.
    We are all connected not only my the roots but also the air that we breath.
    I appreciate all the little habitats that living creatures create in our trees. It is a miracle each day to explore and discover the ever evolving beauty found within a tree.

  3. When I was a child trees were all for fun – climbing high to collect Chestnuts, building swings and collecting Helicopter seeds just to name a few. I was also always on the lookout for that elusive Faerie door. As an adult I am still enchanted with trees but also now aware of their ecological and environmental value – natural habitats for so many creatures all the way to the air we breathe! I love trees.

  4. I feel earthed by trees – when I’m in there with them they they slow down my frantic life, allow me to breathe and appreciate the seasons.

  5. Wow , thank you beautiful .
    I take my child care children to a cheddar forest .
    Beautiful stories . Can’t wait to where with the children .

  6. Trees are the embodiment of a grounded stability that has infinite potential and aspirations… rooted in the soil and reaching for the stars ❤️

  7. What a wonderful gift, which can be passed on and on and on. Books are like our friends they should be treasured and looked after.

  8. our centre is privileged to have the most beautiful tree that shades us provides us with natural resources for play and lets us learn about the seasons as it changes throughout the year

  9. Since I was a child I have loved climbing trees. I now have three children who share this love. Last week we went to a spring fair and spent 1-2 hours climbing a tree and balancing on one that had fallen over across a creek. I love the risk taking, problem solving, strength building and connection with nature I feel and I see in my children. It is a special part of me I share with them.

  10. Trees inspire us to live in all conditions,make us understand that if our roots are not strong and nourished than we can not grow and achieve our goals.
    They withstand every weather but donot stop purifying air and shelter.
    They stimulate a child’s imagination and attract an artist to paint.
    They provide food and shelter to many living things.

  11. I instantly feel relaxed and happy when I’m around tree’s. I think that’s why I chose to live in a bushy area full of trees.

  12. I love trees has always done, i took my children to the forrest and told them about trees and I try to the same with my two grandchildren, learning them to take care and love the trees.

  13. I love how trees remind me to connect with the earth as well as inviting me to look up and feel the wonder of the sky above.

  14. The tree is so giving, offering shelter, food and positive energy, with so many stories to fill our minds – when needing strength.thankyou to the trees

  15. The tree is so giving, offering shelter ,food and positive energy, with so many stories to fill our minds- when needing strength, thankyou to the trees

  16. I sit and look,
    a tree, standing firm in the storm force wind.
    I sit and look,
    only the outer shape is standing firm.
    I sit and look,
    the branched are swirling around, but the outer shape is firm.
    I sit and look,
    the leaves are barely hanging on, the branches are swirling, but the tree is standing firm.
    I sit , look and think,
    I am a bit like a tree, lots going on in the inside but still here after the storm

  17. Trees are our best friends! Walking in the bush (aussie), looking over a wooded valley, listening to the wind in the leaves, smelling the eucalypts-these are things that nurture my soul & help me find peace in this crazy world.

  18. I enjoy taking hike into the forest just to escape life for a few and be reconnected with nature and enjoy and thank the trees for all they provide.

  19. Trees are magical in so many ways! But for me now in my 40’s I find their presence is calming and their solidity makes me feel safe and grounded when life can be frenetic and chaotic so often! Looking up at their leaves and canopies is meditative and I can get lost in the view and patterns I see! Thank you Marghanita!

  20. Trees have always been very special to me. They are like giant hugs from Mother Earth surrounding and protecting us. The cool shelter they offer protect us from the sun. The dancing leaves for our eyes and the texture of the bark, the different structures of branches and trunks are subjects of great wonder, beauty, joy and peace. Trees provide homes for animals, give us oxygen and clean air, and provide so many opportunities for learning exploration and fascination for children; a place to hide, climb and rest under.

  21. Trees give us air and shade.. they watch over us and listen to the words we speak and keep our secrets. They are microcosms of life infinitesimally small.

  22. They are forever there to sheild me when I need a moment to myself. This could be when I want to relax and read, drink a morning cup of coffee and listen to the worlds music around me, or to sit and relax while spending time with the family. I also love the fall colors they bring.

  23. I love trees! They have so many teachable moments that I get to share with my preschoolers; the seasons, colors, homes, leaf shapes, maple syruping… the list is endless!

  24. Nature Hugs to you! Not only do I share your passion for trees but I L O V E your site, Educating The Heart ! !
    I have adored trees since I was a little girl. I used to pull the little trees out of the ground in the wild fields around our home, bring them home to my father and ask him to plant them in our yard. He did. And while my Dad is no longer literally standing on this earth, those trees are still standing so as long as those trees are standing and the memories linger on, so is my father… in my heart.
    Thank you for the wonderful memories. Namaste, . . Tree Hugger, Deb

  25. I love my job I’m a forest school practitioner and take children, young people and adults into the woods daily. It’s so peaceful in the woods. Everyone should spend more time in the woods

  26. Thank you for sharing your story. The children in my class will appreciate it. They have a few special trees they care for in the forest where we play.

  27. Oh the love that I have for trees. I feel so at peace and solid when with the trees. When my littles or my self are feeling a little off we know that we can go and sit by grandmother tree and feel grounded again. TREES are amazing. Thank you for reminding us and for your generous offer.

  28. I admire their majestic beauty, strength, calm and resilience. As a child I would take long walks through forests and explore. It is such a peaceful place to be.

  29. My interest in trees started when my sisters and i climbed our mango and rambutan trees… When my music teacher taught us this song…
    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree
    A tree whose bosom is pressed
    Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast
    A tree that looks at God all day
    And lifts its leafy arms to pray!

  30. Trees are a reminder of our natural environment, they show us the impact we are having on our earth. Trees are unique and irreplaceable.. hug a tree..

  31. when I hug a tree I feel so joyful and alife. I love climbing up trees [not that I can now} and spreading my arms as new branches. I used to sing and I felt free as a bird.

  32. One very vivid memory from my childhood that I carry in my heart is of a stand of tall ponderosa pine trees on a steep rocky mountain side. I loved climbing on the rocks and looking for flowers and didn’t notice the weather changing. The trees began to make sounds and I looked up and realized not only the storm approaching but the beautiful dancing of branches and sounds from the trees. I believed they warned me of danger coming.

  33. I love the changing nature of trees throughout the seasons; from the new spring growth, the blossoms, the colour of the autumn leaves, the bare branches over winter.

  34. Trees lead us to and buffer from the sky. Worlds above our heads, they are mystical beings, dropping bits of wonder on and around us, raising roots above the ground they shelter us from below, too. Curled bark, dingleballs, hearts or deeply fingered leaves or spliney needles, moss, lichen, seedpods of every shape, flowers in bunches, limes and coconuts, pinecones and acorns–all become decorations shared as they drop to the ground. In groups or as solitary sentinels, the earth’s soft fringes.

  35. Trees provide so much enjoyment. Shade, light. They provide for children and adults to collect seed, flowers, branches to create art works. Your imagination can run wild.

  36. Trees are an endless source of fascination for the children, particularly in the fall when the leaves can be identified, sorted, collected, compared, used in artwork, and on and on. It is such a gift that nature is putting these gems of fascination within reach!

  37. What would life be without our beautiful trees? The changing colours through the seasons, the life that lives in each one and also the fact that they provide us with our own needs for life.

  38. Nature, trees, for me is like being in other world and I love to explore, smell, see , observe the changes around me! The children, love to hug the pine trees we have in our grounds, they dance with them by going round and round around them. They also use the trees as a hiding spot when we play hide and seek! They observe the changes of pinecones, falling, and that the pine needles fall to the ground and change color! There is so so much more!!! but yes I and they love the trees!

  39. For me the tree are an inspiration of our past, present and future. Breathing in the freshness reminds me of my childhood and the memories with my friends and family.

  40. Thank you for sharing… Just as tree’s share their shade and beauty so can we… Trees are beautiful silent witnesses and sentinels 🙂

  41. Trees help to sustain our life! They support us as we sit and take in the wonders of nature. The are home, shelter and food for natures own!

  42. My favourite place is my deck that is surrounded by native trees. In New Zealand we are encouraged to have native plants in our gardens to care for the native birds. I have a young Totara, a Kowhai that blooms every spring and brings the Tui to feed on the nectar. I have Titoki, and Horopito.

  43. I have always loved trees! There is nothing better than sitting under a tree on a sunny day with clear blue skys and enjoying the contrast of the green on blue! So peaceful and relaxing!

  44. I feel a reverence for trees and their ancient lives, full of stories that we don’t pay attention to or don’t know how to listen. I see a tree and all I want to do is hug it and thank it for being here, for assisting everything around them, for creating a beautiful atmosphere and absorbing many of our miscreations. Their calmness and majesty speak out to show us how to behave royally, as children of the most Divine Highness. It’s hard to express the feeling that wells up in me when I see a tree. My daughter laughs at me because I behave like a little girl around it.

  45. I love trees, they are restful, they are beautiful and majestic, they often change with the seasons and on a hot summers day there is nothing better than the shade of a tree. We have a tree in the centre of our playground at the preschool where I teach it is a silk tree and it changes dramatically with the seasons and it is the heart of our outdoor play space.

  46. Trees are amazing. I have been investigating and sharing with my children at preschool how trees talk to each other. we have been writing a story based on the 100 year old tree next to us. its been a 6 month project that took us on many paths. We incorporated the local wildlife in our story and researching the history of the tree itself.









  48. Trees are life giving us the air we need to live and offer shelter and homes to many creatures. They are beautiful and strong, changing with the year. They give me peace and happiness and give children endless adventure and fun

  49. Growing up, my best friend was “my tree”. It was a beautiful Jacaranda that greeted me with outstretched arms every time I went outside, and upon my return home.

    My tree had branches and spaces that I used for reading, playing, keeping my things “safe”, swinging, and hanging upside down from.

    It’s fragrant flowers were almost intoxicating.

    I returned to live in that house years later, as an adult with my own children. I had told them stories and shown them pictures of my adventures in “my tree”. They were excited to have their own adventures! The branches were very brittle, and would snap off.

    The previous tennants neglected my tree… It must have gone many, long stretches without being watered…

    It was no longer healthy or safe.

    We had to cut it down.

    I cried when my dear childhood friend died. It left a big hole in my heart to look outside, and not see her any more.

    We have since moved a few times, and never had another tree like I did growing up. My children are all grown, and never had the privilege of developing a bond of love and friendship with their own trees, and sadly, will never have the stories to share with their children…

  50. It’s so wonderful to have so many thoughtful responses regarding individual experience and connection with nature. My husband and I moved our family to the country and it had a profound effect on our family as a whole. Our home is surrounded by forest… no matter how busy or chaotic the day was, there is peace to be found when we come home♥

  51. Trees are many things to us at our child care centre, they protect us, provide us with risk taking lessons, pose us with questions and the answers to inspire us to continue our learning journeys and support us in relaxation and a sense of being and belonging. We love our trees!!!

  52. The trees are the only being in the physical manifestation that offers me unconditional magical support when I need a shoulder to surrender. They hear the complexity in all of the unspoken story I hold

  53. I always marvel at the fact that most trees we see around us are old and full of earth wisdom, knowing exactly how to thrive and adapt. I marvel that the atoms that make up a tree are the same as those that make up me…and we are both as old as the beginning of time in atom years! x

  54. What isn’t to love…. Trees provide food for people and wildlife beyond what we likely imagine. A single apple tree alone can produce up to 15-20 bushels of fruit per year. Apples, pie, important! A study from Lancaster University found that trees by the road reduced the presence of airborne particulate matter (pollution from cars) inside nearby homes by 50 percent. Forests also provide habitat for a mind-boggling array of plants and creatures, many of which we don’t even know about. Trees lower urban temperatures by up to 10°F by shading and releasing water vapor into the air through their stress-soothing leaves. Strategically placed trees can cut down air conditioning needs by 30 percent and can save up to 50 percent in energy required for heating. They can count, learn and remember; nurse sick neighbors; warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals across a fungal network known as the ‘Wood Wide Web’ – and, for reasons unknown, keep the ancient stumps of long-felled companions alive for centuries by feeding them a sugar solution through their roots. A study by the University of Vermont and U.S. Forest Service found that in Baltimore alone, a 10 percent increase in tree canopy corresponded to a 12 percent drop in crime.
    so yes.. i can think of many reasons to love trees…

  55. I love trees for all that they are…a rich history in the stories told by their rings, the leaves giving us shade and protection and clean air to breathe, the smell of the wood, the texture of the bark, the homes for insects, birds and mammals, the energy that is felt walking beneath them, the energy they provide in keeping my own home warm during the cold winter months, all that they provide for us…lumber for our homes and furniture, paper, sap, and fiber and so much more, and the reminders of the circle of life…seed to sprout to sapling to young tree to old tree to snag to fallen log to decay to earth. Each year I grow new trees and pass them out to my preschoolers…to give life back to the earth.

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