Bird Song Invites More Creative Play

Last-night I finished my “Bird Song” Fabric wall hanging – a gift for my mothers Christmas.


Having used pastels and oil for the original paper sketch, I decided to use water colour inks for the fabric wall hanging. I experimented with bleeding and dabbing the image with tissue, much like an eraser.



What a joy filled journey this has been. The creative journey didn’t stop there!



This morning when I held the wall hanging up to the window, it changed its appearance dramatically and I immediately wanted to experiment with it outdoors.

Waving it around like a flag I was captivated by its transformation – the changing softness of colour.


“Play stimulates the mental muscles of curiosity, creativity and inventiveness.”

I loved playing with it among the remnants of Autumn….

The Queen Ann Lace created a wonderful backdrop shadow so to did the Buddleia. It’s  flower heads, pale and dry in comparison to their vibrant purple in the summer, danced happily – inviting me to play.




I loved how the shadows created little branches for my birds to rest upon…how delightful!






“At its root, creativity is not about success or failure. It’s a spiritual practice. It’s a mystery” – Dr Claressa Pinkola Estes


Nature provides us with infinite possibilities of creating something new, unique, an expression of ourselves.
Part of my work with adults is to help them rekindle the child within. And my work with children is to keep that spirit alive.
Wishing you a beautiful and creative weekend, know you are deeply loved, peace Marghanita x
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  1. So inspiring! Simple and handmade = Beautiful! Love your work and all that you do! Wish I could join you for some art therapy!

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      Dearest Shannon, you are always welcome – anytime…would love you to join us for some Nature Art Therapy, love and peace Marghanita x

  2. You are one amazing teacher. I hope we can face- time some day and connect, like our hearts and mind connect spiritually in teaching world.

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      Thank you Seema, what a joy it would be to meet in person, Bless you on this sacred new day Seema, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

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