Carrying the love and beauty forth into the New Year

Our Christmas tree was the inspiration for my latest creation – my first little stick being of 2019.

Before shredding the pine tree, I gathered several branches for my students and a few for myself, blessing each branch and giving thanks to the tree for its abundant beauty, love and sacred gifts.

Rummaging through one of my nature boxes, I found several dried poppy heads from a previous property we used to rent, this made me smile as I reminisced summers past. One of the poppy heads instantly spoke to me with its ready made freckles – how charming!

We are all beautiful

Another wonderful charm about Poppy heads – they have ready made crowns too! The beauty in the details is outstanding and feeds my soul. Nature art allows us to get to know nature intimately.

The smell of pine filled the air as I created my little pine being

…and I dreamed of peace in the world.


I dreamed of children playing among the trees, smelling the pine, chasing each other, laughing, happy and free, full of love, wonder and curiosity.

I dreamed of adults coming together and celebrating our differences, our uniqueness, our inter-connectedness.

And as I dreamed, my heart sang with so much joy. I am full of hope for this New Year as it slowly unfolds – what a beautiful beginning!

Thank you for sharing this incredible sacred journey, thank you for being you, for shinning your light…


May we continue to dance in celebration of our interconnectedness, bringing peace and harmony to the world. May the new year gift you good health, peace, abundant love and oodles of creative adventures with our sacred Mother Earth. Know you are beautiful, soulful, creative and deeply loved, with love and gratitude on this sacred new day, peace Marghanita xx

Nature Art is good for the heart, body, mind and spirit – watch the video

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