Purple Day is on Monday 26th March – helping to raise awareness of epilepsy. 50 Million
people have epilepsy world wide. I wasn’t aware of Purple Day until I started my nature art therapy sessions with little Elise, one of my special needs students. Elise suffers from a very rare neurological disorder, Subcortical Band Heterotopia #SBH. While the brain was being formed, some of the neurons didn’t branch out to the next layer of the brain development, some reached the wrong destination, they are still all active, causing miscommunication and seizures.

To celebrate these beautiful children who have epilepsy like Elise, we decided to create several art pieces that we felt celebrated their uniqueness yet offered an invitation to also celebrate our oneness.

Elise’s sister, Lilianne joined us for our purple day creations.

Using nature as our inspiration

Music and dance are a beautiful way to express our love and unity.

I love all birds, from the tiniest humming birds to the giant majestic Eagles; the darkness of the crow to the angelic sound of the thrush and robin, each one unique in it’s spirit and gifts. Bird song is pure and innocent just like each child…so we decided to make felt birds adding beads, bells and feathers.

Felt Birds



Dancing is another ancient way to celebrate and so we made bamboo shakers and decorated them with purple earth paint and wrapped them in wool/yarn.

Spirited and free

After decorating the shakers we headed down to the lake to collect tiny pebbles, rocks to fill the bamboo shakers.

Let’s make music…let’s dance…


The girls were full of energy and life as they danced with their shakers, wild and free like the butterflies in their painting, from one flower to the next.

Happy and full of life…


The next session we made our stick people – little saskatoon and willow branches morphed into ballerina’s.

Elise and Lilianne pirouetted in the forest – like the ballerinas they made from their fallen branches…

Using our little branch ballerinas we finished our session illustrating little storybooks featuring their purple ballerina’s – their dancers told their personal story of what Purple Day means to them.

I hope the girls have inspired you to get creative outdoors with nature and join us on Monday 26th …did you know there are many purple birds around the world – why not make a purple bird this weekend and share your creation with us on Monday. We would love to see your creations!

We are all miracles, unique and beautiful, we are all part of the dance of creation

I feel honored and blessed to play and create with Elise, she continues to remind me of how precious life is and how each day is a gift, to be lived, fully.

Thank you to Elise’s sister Lilianne for making the nature days so very special.

Wishing you a magical and enchanting weekend, with love and gratitude Marghanita x


If you would like to learn more about Purple Day – please visit PURPLE DAY   Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness.

If you would like to follow Elise’s rare epilepsy journey please visit: Elise

If you would like to learn more about Nature Art Therapy or join one of our Nature Art Workshops online or in person, please visit: NATURE ART 






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