Childhood Is A Time of Wonder – Dandelion Love

I have always loved dandelions! When I was young, I would make daisy and dandelion crowns and I still do! I also love drawing dandelions, observing the butterflies and bees that visit them but the best thing of all, is sharing the wonders of these amazing flowers with my students.

This week with my special needs student, we are learning all about the danelions and the Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers that are abundant here in the Okanagan.

Today was Dandelion Love….

At Educating the Heart we know how sacred dandelions are to the bees and other insects, they are the first spring food for the bees. They are also a great food souce for us and provide alternative medicines.

Mixed Media Dandelion Art

This multi-sensory activity is great for Elise, it requires a slowing down to cut the wool (yarn) into very small pieces. Gluing the wool onto the card is a very tricky and sticky process.

The leaves of a dandelion are jagged which is another challenge to cut out of paper. Elise takes her time and does a fabulous job…

Elise watches a butterfly fluttering by and gives chase with spontaneous excitement…


Playing among the dandelions is part of childhood!



Let’s Build a Fairy Home !

Elise picked up a few of the dandelions and decided we should make a fairy home. Excitedly she gathered fallen branches, pine needles, cones and rocks.



After constructing her little fairy home, she added furniture and bedding for the fairies. Guests began to arrive , friends, neighbors, then Elise announced someone else was at the door. Who is it this time I asked.

Santa Clause, replied Elise – her face beaming with joy. Completely immersed in her creating, Elise was in her element, sharing stories about all the visitors to the fairy house.

They ate pasta with lots of cheese. Soon it was bedtime and in the morning, guess what – each guest received a dandelion from Santa (and Elise)!

These nature experiences touch the heart and soul

Later, we gather some willow and head down to the lake to make dandelion crowns…


I wished all children had the freedom to play and learn and grow at their own pace and in a natural environment. Even in urban schools, we can bring nature into the classroom. We can grow flowers in pots; build a fairy home on the smallest of balconies; make flower crowns outdoors in the yard. Every child, young and old, should spend at least part of their day immersed in the natural world.  Bringing nature into a child’s life is needed more than ever before!

I will leave you with a wonderful poem by Mrs. E. P. Erskine – from Mama Lisa’s Blog


The Dandelion
by Mrs. E. P. Erskine

“Oh, dandelion, yellow as gold,
What do you do all day?”
“I just wait here in the long green grass
Till the children come to play.”
“Oh, dandelion, yellow as gold,
What do you do all night?”
“I wait and wait while the cool dew falls,
And my hair grows long and white.”
“And what do you do when your hair grows white,
And the children come to play?”
“They take me up in their dimpled hands
And blow my hair away.”
Oh, bright all day in the grass, like stars,
And fit for a chain of gold.
The children laugh when they see him smile,
But they love him best when he’s old.


Wishing you all a beautiful and creative week ahead with love and gratitude on this sacred new day, Marghanita x


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