Creativity blossoms in play

Play isn’t just for kids – I am constantly playing with loose parts found in nature. Fallen leaves morph into my “Three Wise Men”

…dry grasses and renmants of Autumn make the most delightful angel dresses…

Creativity blossoms in play

Outdoors in nature – we are surrounded by loose parts such as fallen branches, leaves, feathers, rocks, pebbles, driftwood, seeds – perfect for creative play. Even in the urban setting, we also have access to natural loose parts such as gravel, sticks and leaves but sometimes we have to bring nature into the classroom.

Bird Song inspires singing and flying around the forest…

Building giant nests with all the fallen pine needles…

We collect loose parts from the forest and the lake; pinecones, berries, feathers, fallen leaves.

When we explore, and gather from the natural world, we touch, hold, feel and respond to things, in an intimate and personal way.

These magical moments in nature have our spirits dancing.

Our hearts are full of love and happiness as we play and create

Christmas will come and go and we will enter, a new year – let us make 2019 the year – Nature Play is Every Day!

We would love you to join us at Educating the Heart this coming New Year.

Wishing you all a magical and enchanting week ahead, with love and gratitude, peace Marghanita x




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