Embracing Change – Autumn Leaf Play

My heart was sad – my daughter will be leaving in a few days to return to Scotland (our homeland). I am usually very good with change but saying goodbye to loved ones, knowing you won’t see them for a very long time, is hard.
What began as a simple sketch – (expressing my emotions) – morphed into a beautiful exploration of the elements, movement, colour and observation.

Letting Go

When we accept and embrace change, we start looking for, and finding, lessons in it…nature is always gifting lessons. I head outdoors with my sketchbook. The air is crisp and clear. Leaves are an art-form in themselves – inviting creative exploration.

I observe the trees dancing in the early Autumnal breeze. Golden leaves dangle and twirl and fall slowly to the ground with no resistance from the tree. Organic and free-flowing.

“Without birth and death, and without the perpetual transmutation of all the forms of life, the world would be static, rhythm-less, undancing, mummified.” – Alan Watts.

Playing with the leaves in the wind – I am reminded of the impermanence of all things.

I begin to let go, tears flow gently – for me, crying is quenching. In my heart I know that life is just as it should be. I begin to sway in rythmn with the wind and I become the tree, wild and free and a calmness flows through me, I begin to feel peaceful.

My pencil flows across the paper creating swirls and lovehearts…my heart is full of love for this precious sacred moment, for the love of my daughter, for the love flowing so freely and abundantly in this moment, careesing my soul.

I finished my illustration then proceeded to play some more…watch the short video:

What a thrill it was to watch the leaves disperse as if by magic…This amazing world will always have a mysterious and unpredictable way of flowing.

I can’t wait to share this with my students. So many wonderful learning opportunities for us to investigate: the elements, movement…

shapes and colour…

Self portraits; our feelings and emotions…

We Are Nature


Autumn has arrived and I embrace it with an open heart, grateful for all it’s magic and lessons –  just as I am grateful for the new chapter in my daughters life.

Feeling very blessed. Life is beautiful.

Wishing you all a magical Autumn, with love and deep appreciation, peace Marghanita x




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