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Its National Storytelling Week in the UK and to celebrate I am gifting FREE copies of my ebook – Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree. If you would like to receive a Free copy, simply share with me what you love about storytelling or why you believe storytelling is important; or share why you love trees, maybe you have a short tree story you would like to share? Please leave your comment below, thank you.

Watch the video:

Elloise, otherwise known as Orange Moon loves to play outside anytime of the year, but especially summer.

Orange Moon (Elloise) shares her love and joy with a new friend. She has experienced grief and empathizes easily with the loss her friend feels. So Orange Moon shares what she compassionately believes to be true and gratefully celebrates this with her Grandmother Tree and her new friend too.

Gently Orange Moon models how to open our hearts warmly with love to discover more about nature, our relationships and our selves.

To receive a FREE COPY of Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree simply leave your comment below.

Wishing you all a beautiful Tuesday – Happy Storytelling, with love and gratitude on this sacred new day, Marghanita x

Read Reviews:

I noticed myself pausing to gaze at the beautiful pictures. As I reflected, they reminded me of my own childhood innocence spent in natural spaces relaxing and playing during timeless days.

I realized the power of these beautiful pictures can invite a young child also to pause and gaze at the nature surrounding Orange Moon. The pictures can invite the readers to talk and warmly open our own hearts to share just like Orange Moon. This story eloquently expresses the healing potential of seeking out nature and noticing how infinitely connected we all are to each other and everything on our world.

This book is a treasure, a keeper, and one that will enrich a very young child as a picture book and last right through the school age years!

The story can enrich our adult lives too, as Orange Moon encourages all of us to open our hearts, to notice the beauty and healing potential within nature! There is a lifetime of wisdom to discover within this story, to grow with your child and within us adults too.

The morning after reading Orange Moon, the sunlight shone a little brighter as it melted the snow in my backyard. The warm winds that night had blown the coldest winter chill away.

The sunlight barely enters my kitchen and only in the winter. So on this warmer day, I opened the kitchen door and encouraged my cat Lila to it lay upon a chair in the sunshine. I sat in the sunshine too and together we absorbed the brilliant and warm solar energy for a half hour before it slipped behind a cloud.

During this quiet sit, I realized that Orange Moon was with me too at that moment. With my eyes closed, face tilted into the sunshine, I could see the soothing colorful hues of orange and red with a hint of umber. In this warm space, I too reflected on the teachings of Orange Moon.

In the afternoon, the sun returned and so I drove up to higher hills to go for a walk, just so I could linger in the sun and stretch the daylight a little longer. – ~ Sherry Robinson – Notice Quiet Nature

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  1. Believe that the imagination can take you always to a wonderful place , Your mind is a wonder to grow all the wonderful shoots of dreams and amazing places , like a carpet ride through the skies , that is never ending , Blessings to all wonderous story tellers

  2. Thank you so much for this generous gift!
    I love trees but why? There are so many reasons: the oxygen they give us, their beauty, the way I feel when I touch them/sit with them/wall among them, the way they teach us to put down roots and to stand strong and to reach up to the skies.
    They are our perfect match. They breath in what we exhale and we breath in what they exhale!

  3. I believe in the importance of children learning to deal with emotions like grief etc and being able to label these feelings is the way for children to develop emotional intelligence.

  4. Story telling is so important to children and adults alike. You can lose yourself in the authors creation taking you to places you can only image.

  5. Dearest Cristina – Thank you for this wonderful share, I am so happy it reminded you of your childhood and magical moments spent with your own children, these are sacred – you make my heart sing – I love all that you do sweet soul, bless you and your family on this beautiful day, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

    1. Post

      Dearest Cristina – hank you for this wonderful share, you make my heart sing – I love all that you do sweet soul, bless you and your family on this beautiful day, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

  6. Storytelling is a fun and captivating way of sharing knowledge, truth and wisdom!
    Trees are truly healing and magical!

  7. Your imagination can take you to the most amazing places. It teach, entertain, educate and gives principles, so that we may see ourselves as who we will like to be.

  8. Storytelling is a way to let our imaginations flow and connect to everybody’s heart. This is a way to dream our way in life through poetry and metaphor, and allow ourselves to become rooted again. Thank you for your beautiful work connecting nature and creativity. Great inspiration!

  9. Storytelling is so much apart of history.
    Listening to stories from your family .Telling stories of adventure, make believe.
    Stories of history .
    Love telling stories to my child care children.
    Now I’m telling stories to my granddaughter who is six months old .
    Love story telling.

  10. Imagination, meditation, mindfulness, healing…all can be accessed in nature: and we have a mystical place near us where the whispering trees grow…you go along the path past the talking harekeke (hope I spelled this correctly). Grandmother and grand daughter seek out the whispering trees in time of need and Mother Earth (Papatuanuku) reaches out to us.

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