It is St Patricks Day this Saturday…to celebrate we’re giving away a FREE Forest Fairy – Nika the rock hunter…she’s our green butterfly forest fairy.

Ireland is called the ‘Emerald Isle’  –  Emerald Isle is the poetic name for Ireland due to its green countryside, what a magical name don’t you think! I love the colour green, there are so many shades of green, especially in the forest.

For a chance to win Nika the Forest butterfly fairy and her colour co-ordinated chrysalis, simply share with us, what is your most favourite green tree, plant, insect, moss etc….found in nature?

Leave your message below on my blog: A winner will be picked on 29th March.

Nika also has a little ebook “Nika and the painted Turtle”

You can listen to the story here:


If you wish to purchase a forest fairy today, visit:


Wishing you all a magical and enchanting weekend in nature, with love and gratitude Marghanita x






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  1. Hello wonderful Marghanita! I really love the trees of the forest in particular I love the maritime pines, the lime trees, the poplars and the light green of the dragonflies. I always imagine that there are doors in the trees to enter into other dimension.
    Nika is a fantastic friend forest fairy ❤

  2. Hi Marghanita,

    I love the bright green ash keys that grow during the summer here, although sadly we will see a decline in these pops of colour due to Ash dieback in the UK. Nika
    is beautiful!

  3. My favorite green tree is the Eastern Hemlock .
    Nothing more beautiful than this tree when it’s snow covered .

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