Thank you to everyone who left a comment. Deeply touched by all the beautiful and inspiring comments, it makes my heart sing knowing you all are helping to reunite our children with Mother Earth’s heart.


Good Morning Beautiful People…

It gives me great pleasure to share with you a little gift – a FREE NATURE ART CALENDAR – a small thank you for your love and support throughout the year. Like every year, we grow stronger, more beautiful, more creative, more peaceful by sharing the sacred journey of connecting our children with Mother Earth’s Heart. And what a joy and privilege it is to share this journey with you all- full of gratitude!

At Educating the Heart the year began with a new challenge – finding nature art in the city (my home city of Edinburgh)

We had so much fun making our “Nature Art in the City” Video…video to be released early next year.

Followed by a most delightful trip to visit Tom Shea at his latest childcare centre in England.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom about the importance of play – what a beautiful, inspiring, creative soul he is – watch the video:

Then early Spring, I presented a workshop at the Children and Nature Conference in Vancouver where I got to play and be creative with a wonderful group of like-minded souls.

Storytelling with nature always brings out the inner child – what fun!

Change is Happening!

It was so great to hear what these beautiful people were doing in their part of the world. A big thank you to Richard Louv and Cheryl Charles for bringing this amazing event to BC. To learn more about the children and nature network visit: Children and Nature

Spring art projects brought great joy to all – thanks to Artstarts grant funding. “The whole energy of the school changed during the nature art project” – Mrs Baga – Principal – Khalsa School

Summer camp was magical as ever – classes were held in different locations offering oodles of playful, creative exploration.

Our online NATURE ART PROGRAM has grown considerably over the year, with students from all around the globe joining in the sacred journey. It makes my heart sing to think of all our educators in Australia, Korea, Singapore, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, UK, New Zealand, France, USA and here in Canada providing opportunities for their students to learn, play and grow in nature…it fills me with hope for the future. Together we are making a difference.

Autumn arrived quite late – sharing her gifts with us all during our Nature Art Weekends in the beautiful Okanagan.

Stay tuned for our Spring Nature Art Weekends!!

Now Winter is finally here…

…offering a brand new canvas for nature art exploration in the forest and down at the lakeshore.


Loving our one to one sessions with my special needs student -Elise.

And so the year will soon come to an end, giving birth to a new year of wonder, love, exploration, discovery, joy and oodles of creative adventures as we play, learn and grow in nature.

I hope the 2018 Nature Art Calendar will help inspire you and your students, family and friends to get creative in nature throughout the coming year.

To receive your FREE PDF copy of our Nature Art Calendar 2018, simply leave a message below sharing what you love about nature art.


Your free PDF copy of the Educating the Heart Nature Art Calendar will be sent out via email during the first week of January 2018.

Thank you and bless you for all that you do for our children and our ever-giving little planet Earth.

Here’s to making 2018 the year nature play becomes every day play!

Wishing you all a magical and creative year ahead, with love and peace, Marghanita x

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  1. The possibilities to create and inspire. Above all the fun and joy in the act of exploring and discovering something new about yourself and the world you are a part of. Loose parts.

  2. The amazing health benefits and opportunities for children and their families to reconnect and share in the wonders and awe of the natural world with its the endless educational learning opportunities.

  3. I love that there is nothing pre-made for the children. It is about finding and loving beautiful things in nature. A great way to teach loving the earth.

  4. I love nature art as it always amazes me how creative my children can be when the boundaries of set items to create with or set boundaries of space to create in are released. We have been living in a bus travelling around NZ for a year now and in that time it is when my children are engaged in nature -playing, creating, exploring and making – that they have grown most and really come into themselves. Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. It enables the child to connect with their surroundings and constant changes to nature due to growth, seasons and man kind’s hand.

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  7. Slowing down and feeling nature, realizing we have all that we need and honoring our senses. Love your work and imagination, thanks!

  8. This fills me with hope for the future in our ‘too fast, too techy’ world. Nature play is making a genuine difference here in Australia too. Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. I love following your posts and can’t wait to immerse the kids in nature again this year! You protect what you love and I know we’re fostering a life long relationship with our natural world♥

  10. The way that it can connect every child. Nature is so inspiring and everyone from all walks of life have the possibility to interact with it and learn from it.

  11. It invites kids to engage and interact with the natural world to create something that helps them express themselves…that’s a pretty huge connection to the nature.

  12. As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to help my students use the things surrounding us in nature to create unique pieces of art. I am no artist but I can see my students creating colorful work on the leaves and using the stone to transfer the color of the flower onto tissue. This is simple and can be used in K-2nd classrooms as great art projects. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Creating are from Nature can come in any forms. Besides creating sculptures from found art and drawing and painting, Taking away photographs and creating songs and poetry are also amazing g ways to connect with the natural world

  14. Not only is it open ended but tbe possibilities are endless.

    Nature is not only a natural medium for children to use but also gages in their curiosity of the outside world in which they can explore and use their senses. The textures and colours, smells, and sounds that you get from our environment are things that children are naturally drawn to.

  15. I work with children from the inner city and want to bring as much nature to their lives as I can. Nature contributes so much to a person’s well being and outlook on the world. It is soothing, real, constantly changing so it’s not boring, and provides beauty among other things, “The more you notice, the more it grows,” as it relates to nature and all it’s natural benefits.

  16. I work with children from the inner city and want to bring as much nature to their lives as I can. Nature contributes so much to a person’s well being and outlook on the world. It is soothing, real, constantly changing so it’s not boring, and provides beauty among other things, “The more you notice, the more it grows,” as it relates to nature and all it’s natural benefits.

  17. Love seeing what you do. I am finally connected to kids again–at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine here in New York. We have such beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to explore and create new things.

  18. When we immerse ourselves in nature we give our minds the chance to slowdown and we reconnect with our soul. It reminds us of the beauty of our world and allows us to creatively express this.

  19. So often we are in a hurry to get things done. When children have the opportunity to “just be” and take in their natural surroundings, it has a calming effect. They tend to notice things and see things differently…and bringing in what they find and creating with it extends that peacefulness.

  20. It’s the joy of finding things out on walks in the fields and woods and children finding their own ways to express themselves using found items. This Christmas they made table decorations for their families using cuttings of leaves, plants etc along with found leaves, twigs, berries. They were genuinely pleased with their creations and parents reactions were amazing. The children beamed with pride!

  21. Nature reminds us that we are a creation as the trees, the lichen, the snail. Nature play gives children their opportunity to reconnect with creation.

  22. It is both inspiring and educational. We can teach our children from a very young age to be good stewards of our planet.

  23. Inspiring creativity through nature is not only the best way to connect real world with Education but is the most fun approach! Our class can relate and everyone is engaged!!

  24. I think our future lies in reconnection to nature as it will help us understand our place. It teaches us about relations and interdependence.

  25. I love the simplicity and beauty of Nature Art, including the sustainability of natural resources versus adding more plastic to our world.

  26. I admire how “perfect” nature is and marvel in it’s ability to adapt to the surroundings – a tree with a twisted limb or vines lacing around a fence – it reminds me that adapting does not take away it’s integrity, it only adds to it’s uniqueness. What a marvelous lesson for all.

  27. Nature allows children to explore what is around them and appreciate the beauty that is free and not man made. This appreciation can be taught and discovered with children in the city and in the country. I have experienced a great deal of variety in environment within my teaching experiences. It is always amazing to see how children love to love or disapprove the environment and qualities of nature they are surrounded by. I would love a copy of the calendar to share with my kindergarteners. Thanks,

  28. Nature art allows children and adults connect with the world around them in unexpected and beautiful ways. It brings those elements out in us that we tend to ignore.

  29. Nature art is so inspiring to me because it encourages children to see the potential for learning in their environment. In a world with so many colors and stimulants for children that can distract them from seeing the beauty in nature, these projects allow them to express and explore their creativity and break away from a more structured learning that they may be used to.

  30. Happy New Year!!
    Eagerly awaiting the calendar to share with my team to emhance the Centre’s “Be and learn in nature program”.
    Thank you

  31. It is so beneficial to hone all our senses to notice and appreciate nature and explore creating art with nature. The children and adults alike grow in our observations and we enter more experiences because of our increased awareness. We can also see so much beauty and diversity and interest in the natural things around us as we handle and explore items of nature. We also take more care of the natural environment through our increased awareness.

  32. Nature is my cure for all the stress of modern life. I love being outside with the trees, birds, plants and all the other beings that soothe the soul.

  33. It is ever changing never the same, full of loose parts to enhance the imagination enables us to slow down and capture its wonder

  34. I love how being outside in nature reawakens my senses and re-attunes me with deeper parts of myself. Making art in nature deepens this process and helps me notice more details, patterns, and colors. It also makes me feel more harmonized and connected with the cycles of life, the seasons and the impermanence of life.

  35. Nature, always in a cycle and always changing, inspires me. And adults can inspire children – and vice versa! – to explore nature again and again and find new treasures every time.

  36. I love this idea! I recently took a class on the importance of having nature in the classroom. I would love to have an outdoor nature classroom some day!

  37. The joy of creating with items you find and collect- every one differing (even if just slightly) in shape, colour and size. A wonderful explosion of the senses!

  38. I love nature art for SO many reasons…but what comes to mind first is that both nature and art calm, soothe and heal the soul…both young and old. And not just the soul…the physical body too! Nature art adds a layer of nurturing, and inspiring and artistic expression…

  39. For a child to explore their outdoor environment can awaken a child’s senses. Watching birds in trees and hear their song, acorns on the ground, our school gardens full of flower buds can give peace to a child in a busy life. We are so blessed!

  40. I work in early childhood and art with nature has been a passion for sometime. I would appreciate the further inspiration

  41. Just no matter how you are feeling, being in nature can always make you feel better with its beauty and peacefulness. And I think bringing nature to children is very important for their well being.

  42. We love working with natural materials: cob, weaving, living structures, waddle & daub. We also love ceramics & working with bamboo.
    Nature is our greatest teacher.

  43. We adventure in nature daily at Greystone Farm Nature Play, we love to play in our creek, make ochre and hear ecological stories in nature, mostly our local indigenous stories, always seasonal and our play is always nature/child led.

  44. The beauty, the simplicity and the connection it builds between children and the natural world, especially if the work is done in the outdoors. Your work is important. Thank you.

  45. The images help to provide a context to inspire more time outdoors in nature for the children I teach. Elementary school yards for Kindergarten are concrete jungles! So very frustrating! Inspiration is always a must to not give up! Children have so much to teach us about the learning and beauty of nature.

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