Friday Forest Magic

First came the little fawn, a very curious little being, just like a child full of wonder, her mother watching from a distance.





Then later in the evening down came these two young Prince’s gracing us with their magnificent beauty.




These playful souls had my spirit dancing – what a joy, what a gift. I had been feeling low after receiving some sad news – nature seems to always know when to reach out and touch me – I was deeply moved by the spirit of these soulful beings.

I have always had an intimate relationship with these beautiful beings, beginning way back in my early childhood adventures around the wilds of Scotland. These spirited beings continue to inspire me and appear in my art as a children’s illustrator and feature frequently in my work as an nature art educator.


Land Art


Here is a deer I made as an example of land art for a presentation I was giving for a group of educators.



The eyes are the gateway to the soul



Can you feel his soul – how pure and gentle it is…



Observing the deer, we notice how gentle they are. If we can concentrate our thoughts on love and kindness, others will see the gentleness in our eyes and actions.

Deer hold a special place in my heart and I love to create deer sculptures made from natural materials. When we create our deer sculptures we can talk about gentleness and how we can practice it in our lives.



The magic of the forest is waiting for you – wishing you all a magical and enchanting weekend wherever you are in the world, know you are deeply loved, with love and gratitude on this sacred Friday, Marghanita x

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