Five Fun Nature Art Activities To Do This Week

Falling in Love with Nature couldn’t be easier – here’s a few simple meaningful nature-based art activities you can do this week.

Build a Fairy House or Den

Build a Fairy House or Den using fallen branches and all those beautiful Autumn coloured leaves – here’s a FREE PDF Booklet on Build a Fairy House and Den



Simply provide an opportunity for the children to collect their very own materials from nature and their imaginations will do the rest. Allow the students the freedom to build whatever creation they wish. The exercise in the video below was for a charity event and we had a specific structure to make – it was the beginning of a wonderful journey of sharing the joy of creating large homes.

Make a Stick Person

Make a Stick Person (or a family or even a whole village) – watch the video and be inspired: Storytelling with Nature Art: Stick People:

Or design your own leaf people


Play a Game of Conkers

Playing conkers is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the beauty and wonder of trees. If the children don’t wish to play conkers they could string the conkers to make a necklace or create a sculpture using wire or use a single conker as a head for a stick person…the possibilities are endless. What would you make with a conker?

Or simply Take a Walk in Nature

Wishing you all oodles of creative fun with nature this week, love and peace Marghanita x

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