Play makes us happy – why would we not want to play!

Here I am as a child in my back garden, playing with my friend and little brother. I am the one in the white hat. We loved to dress up as clowns and make our own obstacle courses.

Old tires, a wooden ladder and our imaginations!

And below, here are our 3 hanging out at one of their many dens they built in the back garden many moons ago – they still love to hang out in nature.

I have never lost my playfulness – here I am playing hide and seek in my home city, Edinburgh last year.

And this week we played all day …in our nature art session

Today I am heading out to play down at the lake with my 19yr old son who loves to skim rocks. It doesn’t matter what age you are – look at my mother – 86 and still loves to skim rocks!

In the city or in the countryside, there is always somewhere to play!

Wishing you all a playful weekend, wherever you are in the world, love and peace Marghanita xxxx


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