Grateful for the Bird Song

Sunday was grey, the clouds hung low over the mountain – there was a heaviness in the air then I spotted several mountain blue birds and heard the sweet angelic bird song which filled my heart with so much love and appreciation – colour seemed to fill the sky – bird song always makes me smile…they also remind me of my mother … I miss her dearly, she lives so far away – back in my homeland, Scotland



She too loves the bird song..I often think of her when the birds sing, she too has a most beautiful voice…so I decided to sketch the bird song



┬ámy pen danced across the paper as I thought of my mother and the colourful birds…this is just my initial sketch using pen, pastels and oil.



I have decided I will make into a fabric wall hanging for my mothers Christmas. May the birds warm your heart and make you smile on this sacred new day, bless you all – so grateful for the bird song – so grateful for my mothers love



Happy Monday Beautiful People, with love and gratitude, peace Marghanita x


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