Grateful for your love


Nature’s Beauty Cultivates Gratitude

This short simple animated video represents the ever-flowing love and beauty that exists in all of us, in everything, in every moment of every day. This abundant love cultivates gratitude. The more grateful we are, the happier we become. Seeing beauty in everything, all the small things become precious and sacred, and our life becomes richer.

Living a Grateful Life

Just as the flower opens its petals to receive the radiant warmth and love of the morning sunlight, I too open my heart to receive this love and light. And in doing so, I become full of gratitude. When I awake I am full of gratitude for the precious privilege to be gifted another day – To be alive, to breathe, to learn, to teach, to help and be helped, to love and be loved, and to celebrate this sacred and magical journey we call life. “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey


We can nurture that gratitude in our children. Giving thanks to all the things in nature everyday is an expression of love for nature and an understanding of our place in the realm of life.


Children are full of wonder and awe, this simple practice of gratitude comes easy to them.


Waking up early with Mother Nature gives us time in the peace of early day to be mindfully grateful.
Together we can show gratitude and appreciation for the gift of sweet birdsong that awakens us each morning. Together we can witness the sunrise, gifting warmth and light to us all.

With mindful hearts we appreciate that without sunshine nothing can grow, including us.

Grateful for the sun, for the flowers, for the birds, our hearts fill up with love, our hearts overflow with the abundant love and beauty that is gifted to us each day. Feeling deeply loved and full of thankfulness for the gift of a new day, a miracle that so many are not gifted, as our day unfolds we wish to share this love with all.



Know you are deeply loved, wishing you a beautiful and creative day, peace Marghanita x

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