Hands and Hearts

In this months Urban Nature Art for Adults module we take a closer look at our hands and what amazing tools they are – how much I use them each and every day and yet, I take them for granted. Our hands are sacred and precious.

This weekend I took inspiration from an enchanting waterfall just outside the city and only 5 minutes from the airport (almost an urban location).

Hands First

Using my hands to balance myself, I navigate around some of the slippery rocks. Barefoot, the shock of the cold water immediately stirs my senses. The movement of the sparking water has me spellbound as it wistfully winds and folds so effortlessly around the rocks.

Although the waterfall is small in comparison to many larger ones I have visited, it’s energy is non the less impressive – it’s powerful flow of cascading emerald greens and midnight blues flow majestically into a raging white force – it’s amazing!

Immersed in the fast moving water, my feet are the first to feel its powerful energy – it then moves up into my legs,

I can feel it rising, flowing into my chest, my heart …. quenching and invigorating, it seeps into my whole being….I feel so alive!

I feel so Alive!

Back home, I take a moment to write down how I feel – I reflect on the waterfalls presence, how it energised my whole being. body, mind and spirit – how I became one with the water. I was moved by the waters energy, by it’s music, it’s movement both slow and fast and how my hands played a vital role in the experiences I had at the waterfall.

Hand Prints

Making hand prints is part of childhood. This simple yet powerful art activity is rarely explored and appreciated when we become adults.. Even pre-historic cave dwellers wished to express themselves creatively, by leaving hand-prints on the walls of the caves.

Urban Nature Art – Module 7 – Identity – Our Hand Prints are Unique

I begin by drawing around my hand, remembering how much I used my hands throughout the entire outing to the waterfall. I noted it began with me grabbing my water bottle and turning the key to lock the front door. Then opening the car door. Pushng a button to bring down the car window. Placing my hat on my head as we approached the car-park. I am a vey tactile being…Touching leaves and trees on my way to the waterfall, picking up a fallen branch and throwing it into the stream. Taking photos, holding my husbands hand. Pointing to a baby raccoon that had climbed up a tree and got stuck, we had never seen one out during the day in the woods before. My list of hand activities could have gone on forever.

I relive the experience as I draw. I play with several images of my hands and play with textures and shapes. I wanted to capture the energy from the water – the waterfall’s energy could be felt both immersed in the water and out of the water.

Even from a distance, the sound of the fast, raging water – pounding, splatting, thrashing over the rocks, cascading magically into rock pools then flowing calmly into the stream…

… left me feeling peaceful and whole – and so alive.

I am so grateful for my hands and for all that they can do. If you would like to explore and discover more about your own creativity why not join us monthly for our Urban Nature Art Program…take a look: Urban Nature Art Program for Adults

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative week ahead, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

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