Happy first day of March!

Each month gifts endless opportunities to explore and create outdoors in nature. The birth of Spring unfolds in March, gifting longer, warmer days to play outdoors.

Fallen branches are easier to find now that the snow has finally melted and snow drops, daffodils and crocuses offer delightful colour, texture and scent to our nature play and creations.

One of our favourite nature based art activities at Educating the Heart is Storytelling with Nature : Stick People (watch video)

Time in nature opens our hearts and fuels our imagination

What stories will you be creating in your outdoor space this month?

Even the smallest of outdoor spaces can be brought to life

Simply by adding several pots of flowers, herbs and vegetables will gift endless opportunities for creative play and investigation. Attracting butterflies, bees and the fairies!

The students raise, harvest, and eat the crops, improving their nutrition, their knowledge about plant growth, and their patience.

Orange Moon filled an old watering can with daffodils and added crocuses to the smaller pots with the help from her friends.

Our wonder, our imagination, our curiosity is what drives us towards greatness

Finding the beauty in each month is important just as finding the beauty in whatever situation we may find ourselves. Let the beauty of the natural world open your heart.

There is an abundance of love and beauty all around us when our hearts are fully open.

Here is our FREE NATURE ART Calender 2017 offering more inspiration for creative play outdoors: FREE CALENDER

Bless you on this sacred new day, what a gift, a miracle.

Wishing you a beautiful and creative March, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

If you would like to learn more about our Nature Art Course please visit:  NATURE ART PROGRAM – Connecting the Child to Mother Earth’s Heart

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