The Healing Power of Nature – Gentleness

The deer represents many things to different cultures; gentleness and peace to the First Nations people here in BC. In Buddhism, the deer symbolises harmony, happiness, & peace which our world so desperately needs more of right now.

For me, the deer reminders us to be gentle with ourselves and others; to honor our creativity, sensitivity and intuition.

Sacred Moments

Walking slowly, you become more observant, intune with your surroundings. This charming young Prince graced us with his enchanting beauty.

Evech encounter with the deer offers me peace, taking in a deep breath, I say thank you for these sacred communions. More often than not, I am inspired to create after sharing time with these encahnting freinds of the forest.

‘When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.’ – Anthony Douglas Williams

Here is one such creation – I cannot express the immense joy I had creating this little deer sculpture.

It’s a spiritual experience as I journey through exploration losing myself completely in the creative process.

“Most people are either awakened to or are strengthened in their spiritual journey by experiences in the natural world.” – Richard Louv

I believe everyone has this innate need to be creative and a deep longing to return to their roots – the natural world.

I guess my art is my first langauge and the way I prefer to communicate with the world and in my own small way, it can sometimes help others.


Today I would like to gift you this simple nature art activitiy at a discount price. NATURE ART: THE DEER SCULPTURE. For a limited time I am offering the Deer Sculpture PDF for just $1.99 (Full PDF price $4.99)


During our creative exploration we also investigate our sculptures as pieces of transcient art…

Just like the potato deer, we too will wrinkle, shrivel and die. And return to the earth to create new life. Again this is a gentle way to show students the life cycle.

Make Nature Play Every Day

When I play with nature – its a natural, organic exploration. What would make good antlers for my little deer sculpture?

What would make a good tail? 

As I foriage through the natural items found in nature, I playfully experiment what will work and what won’t. It;s a joy-filled journey.

A daisy makes a perfect tail for the potato deer and a small white pebble will work for a clay deer.



With love and gratitude on this sacred new day, peace Marghanita x



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