How to Nurture a Relationship with Trees

Where to begin?  –  With the Trees!

Trees are the givers of breath – what could be more important. I believe these sacred giants need to be remembered and celebrated in order for their survival and our own. The most beautiful and authentic way to do this is by forming a relationship with the trees – this begins when we are children.


How to Nurture a Relationship with Trees

In this PDF Booklet “TREES” you will discover how children (of all ages) find trees a great source of inspiration and comfort. Through playful and meaningful nature based art activities, we can help nurture a loving and respectful relationship between our children and the trees in our local environment and beyond.




This is a PDF Booklet contains 145 pages with over 25 nature based art activities relating to trees.





This booklet -TREES – How to nurture a Relationship with Trees (containing 145 pages), is part of the Educating the Heart Nature Art Online Program that consists of 12 chapters. For a limited time only, we are offering this fabulous TREES chapter as a single chapter – full of resources – providing over 25 soulful nature based art activities that lead to more creative explorations than you could ever imagine.






“Now, my tree-climbing days long behind me, I often think about the lasting value of those early, deliciously idle days. I have come to appreciate the long view afforded by those treetops. The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.”
Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods – Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder


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TREES – How to Nurture a Relationship with Trees

Only  $19.99 (This is a PDF Booklet 145 pages)

Nurturing a loving relationship with the trees through soulful Nature Art. Here are just a few of the beautiful nature art activities (for all ages) we explore throughout the chapter.

  • Learning the Language of Trees
  • Exploring with Driftwood
  • Storytelling with Tree Gnomes
  • Investigating Canadian Artist Emily Carr
  • Mixed Media Birch Trees
  • The Mighty Oak
  • Willow Crowns and so much more


Above is my “Ponderosa Spirit”  a life sized Sculpture of the majestic Ponderosa Pine – just another enchanting art activity to explore with your students.

We would love you to join us at Educating the Heart with Nature Art. Here is an opportunity to experience the joy of learning through nature art. Purchase this single chapter today for just $19.99

If you wish to continue the sacred journey and complete the full program after completeing the Tree chapter, you will  receive a discount on the Full (12 chapter program).



Take Action

If you spend time in nature, your senses open to its intricacies and beauty, from the complexity of a leaf or dragonfly to the majesty of an old-growth forest. You start to see how many of our priorities are petty and limited. It’s also easier to understand how affecting one part of an ecosystem affects the entire ecosystem and the surrounding environment. David Suzuki – ref: Get Outside


Purchase your copy of

TREES – How to Nurture a Relationship with Trees

today for just $19.99  (This is a PDF Booklet 145 pages)


Experience the joy for yourself…with love and gratitude Marghanita x


What other educators are saying about the Nature Art Program:

“I started Marghanita’s amazing nature program last summer and would highly recommend this fantastic program to everyone looking to further children’s connection with mother nature. This course brings out the true meaning of our world on such a beautifully enlightening level. Every time I receive a new chapter the children’s faces light up with excitement into another fascinating adventure with the natural world. Marghanita is an inspiration to everyone who comes across her delightfully well prepared lessons.” – Nancy O’Neil- Preschool teacher British Columbia

“Marghanita, you always have such wonderful ideas to connect nature, the arts and people. You are an important emissary…and leader” – Joseph August Baust – Environmental Arts Educator – USA

“The journey with the nature art program had been a unique opportunity for me to reconnect with my holistic self and even if I will go through my last chapter soon, i deeply feel that this connection is only the beginning of a great journey in life. Thank you for reminding me the foundamental values of life, the values of love, gratitude, appreciation, oneness with nature and universe.” – Dorina Greek Teacher working in Swedish School

“Thank you so much for doing what you do ~ I really am truly grateful to have come across this beautiful blessing that you have co-created with nature. And thank you for being the sage and nurturing soul that you are ~ ripples of happiness & gratitude indeed” – Lee- Ann – Educator – South Africa

“Thank you so much for the latest chapter on Trees. I think it’s my new favorite chapter! So many beautiful and inspiring photos…I can’t wait to explore!” – Shannon Carnegie – Teacher USA




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