Human and Spirit

I had oodles of fun this afternoon filming for MODULE 3: WHERE WE WALK- NATURE ART ABOVE AND BELOW – Finding inspiration from the unlikeliest sources around the city.

My latest illustration was inspired by the fascinating Victorian pavement windows I came across on one of my walks around my home city, Edinburgh.

Making space for soul time

At Educating the Heart, we believe in slowing things down. When we take time to appreciate each other, the angelic bird song, the golden dandelion unfolding to the early morning sun-rays, our experiences are deeper, richer more meaningful, inviting creative exploration.

“At it’s root, creativity is not about success or failure. It’s a spiritual practice. It’s a mystery.”

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Come join in the fun, be that child again, be inspired by nature in your city and beyond…

play, explore, create

then play some more…be spontaneous

This is a unique program for adults wishing to bring harmony and balance back into their lives through playful, soulful nature based art activities.

Here’s what others are saying about the program:

“A time and place where my heart and soul can stop and rest for a while. ” – – Michaela Omojola – Nature Pedagogy Consultant, Ireland

“So happy to be starting this self care journey with you. I plan to work on your program on sundays as my soul day practice” – Tania, BC

Nature Art is a pathway to human health and happiness

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JOIN TODAY for just $9.99 per month – learn more here: URBAN NATURE ART FOR ADULTS

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