International Build a Fairy House and Den Week – A Huge Success





Nature and Creativity Unites Us

Thanks to all who participated in the build a Fairy House Week, we had over 500 downloads in the first week from all around the world. Children’s imaginations flourished, creating the most magical little homes and large colourful dens throughout the world. Although the week is over I am happy and excited to say the building continues. (Here is the link to the FREE PDF BOOKLET)


We provided the tools and a focus to go outdoors and engage with nature. (These nature based ideas and tools are open for your own personal interpretation and creativity).

The main reason it was successful is that Fairy House Building is a simple activity that any child at any age can do in any location anywhere in the world. Independently or in a group.

Art and nature have no barriers

Art is a universal language – Each one of us can be creative and art is the language that we can all understand. Self expression is a means of communication through that language.

Nature speaks not in words but through its abundant beauty and love and is freely available to everyone at any given time. Nature is all around us, we are part of nature. No matter where we live, we can experience nature; in the air that we breathe; the earth that we walk upon; the sunbeams warming our hearts. The water that quenches our thirst; these all help our fruit and gardens grow.

Thank you for responding to the “Call of Action” and becoming part of the solution. United, together we can build on this success and help grow and nurture happier healthier children and keep our little planet healthy too.


“Creating secret forts, dens, hideouts, and playhouses isn’t just any random kind of play. It’s a universal drive that’s rooted in kids’ healthy development.” – David Sobel


Building fairy houses is a fabulously creative way to engage children with nature anywhere in the world, in any location, even the city. Fairy house building is a beautiful and simple way for children to connect in a most magical way with nature, either as a group or individually. As with all tales of myth and legend, Fairies engage a child’s imagination, they immediately respond to the wonder of a magical world. Fairies are well known as earth dwellers and by asking children to build a home for a fairy they respond with excitement, joy and enthusiasm. All things fairy are child size…they take ownership and responsibility over the fairy space they create.

2 magic bluebells

For a single child, imaginative play allows their creative mind to soar and create a little home for fairy friends, elves, pixies or butterflies and toads.

Children love miniature things. The child has direct contact with the earth, trees, flora, the child can collect, build, remodel and decorate, this interactive play with nature has rules made only by the child, their imagination is unhindered by expectations. No-one knows what a fairy house should look like, with this activity there is no judgment; no-one has missed a goal or dropped the ball, children share this loose exercise with no expectation of what should be, allowing independent play while sharing each others unique creations hand-crafted from nature.

Here are a few participants:


Another beautiful creation -this time from New Zealand using local flax to weave into their tepee structure- love it!!! We have been busy this week for the International build a Fairy house week that you told us about. We decided to create a NZ inspired fairy house so weaved flax strips through a teepee structure that I had prepared. It was a great opportunity for us to talk to the children about the rituals and customs in collecting flax. The children worked hard to prepare their flax and make it more malleable by scraping both sides with knives then weaved their flax pieces in and out of the stick structure. We think it looked fantastic and very kiwiesque. The next day children brought in flowers from home and we also used flowers from kindy to decorate our Fairy House and many beautiful fairies were made to play in the house with. It a great way to encourage imaginative thinking and the wonder of magic. We had one little boy who told everyone that real fairies would go in the fairy house at night when we weren’t there. And, another who wanted to leave his fairy at kindy so that the real fairies would have someone to play with.

We loved building our fairy homes and we love you Cristina Rudi….xxxxxxx ITALY This is our little fairy house! Welcome fairies! Greetings to all from Italy! Love and Peace!

Cristina and Elisa


Paige’s Fairy Palace, Toronto, Canada

paige's fairy house

Jens Fairy House, USA


A creek side “gnome shelter,” by my son Patrick (Portland, OR, USA)

portland 2 copy  portland

Fairy Homes in Romania: In a small school in Bucharest during a recent “Stay to Play ” morning parents and children were given a short time to make a fairy house in the forest.



Beautiful and colourful Den from Spain


Bird visits Fairy Home, Okanagan, BC Canada



More beautiful fairy love creations – this time from Mexico – a beautiful creative soul – Gypsy Beverly Villacis Colli –


Little Humbug Fairy Dolls

A Gallery will be created over the coming months, so if you wish to have your Fairy Homes featured, please do drop me an email and I will happily add them to the growing collection.














New Zealand