Nature Art – Investigating Shadows

Today I am writing a passage on investigating shadows through playful nature art for a book I hope to have published in the coming Fall based on our hugely successful International online nature art program.

We can explore shadows anywhere outdoors – out and about on a concrete school yard…

..a small garden, local park, even high up on a roof patio.

Sometime ago I realized the importance and urgency of providing a program that offered students and educators creative experiences with nature in an urban setting.

In this program educators learn how to nurture the child’s creative intelligence by infusing nature art into every subject in the curriculum, fostering love and compassion, creativity and imagination. Nurturing the unique spirit of each child.

As adults we need to understand and appreciate our own connection to the natural world – this program offers adults nature based activities that help rekindle a deep love and meaningful relationship with nature.

This unique nature art program provides educators with nature based activities that help their students grow through hands on learning experiences in natural environments created both indoors and

I believe all children should experience the wonders of the natural world and have ample opportunities to express themselves creatively throughout their (pre)school day. If we cannot take the children to the forest or woods then we must bring the forest to the classroom.

Join us at Educating the Heart with Nature Art and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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