Let the Forest Echo with Laughter

This simple sign has followed me for the past 9 years. Popping up at all the different forest locations, I have had the privilege of running nature art classes, each one unique, offering infinite learning opportunities for the students, young and old.


The sign seems right at home in it’s new location, the forest hill at the back of the property.

Educating the Heart Through with Nature Art is all about nurturing the child’s spirit and I cannot think of a more enchanting place to do just that….than in the forest.

Nature art with special needs student, Elise

Falling in love with the local Ponderosa Pines, grade 4 and 5 students – Artsist Emily Carr Tree Study

And Nature Art Weekends for Educators

The forest is my most favourite place in the world – among giant friends – theĀ beautiful and sacred trees. When I enter a forest, I am home.

The fairies…

…and the deerĀ love it as much as we do!

Let the Forest echo with Laughter from Marghanita Hughes on Vimeo.

Wishing you a magical and enchanting Wednesday, I hope you get to play in the forest this week too, with love and gratitude, Marghanita x

You can learn more about our Nature Art Program here: Educating the Heart

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