Little Pots of Love


Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature

Gerard De Nerval


My little travelling companions were thrilled to be reunited with their colourful scented friends.


Nature’s Beauty Cultivates Gratitude

I am truly grateful for the flowers on this sacred new day, for their vibrant colour and beauty – softening the dominating grey harshness of the city buildings….what a joy!


We don’t need a garden to appreciate and fall in love with the flowers. Simply planting a few seeds in a pot is just one of the beautiful ways to help connect children with nature. The children will get to learn about the bees and how things grow when tending to their little flowers in a pot.


And we don’t have to wait for next Spring to start planting. There is no shortage of plants that can be grown in pots over autumn and winter. Heathers, violas, pansies, primroses and grasses too.

I gaurantee you – the children will fall in love with each and every flower that blooms. And all the charming little visitors will be an endless source of inspiration for meaningful-creative play.


Flowers make us happy! Their abundant beauty and unconditional love cultivates gratitude. Their colour, symmetry, fragrance and magic have us spellbound.

What are you grateful for on this sacred new day?

I would like to leave you with a little animation of my children’s book character Orange Moon (Grateful to my youngest son for the animation)

Wishing you a beautiful and creative day, love and peace Marghanita x

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