The Living World Inspires Creativity

The natural world is filled with music from our feathered friends birds, animals large and small, swaying rainbows of flowers, blossoming trees and inspiring creatures both of the land and in water.

Springtime is a very exciting time, offering great opportunities to observe the birds and their nest building. Many different birds can be spotted with their beaks full of nesting material.

Simple Bird Nest (part one)

It gifts me immense joy working and playing with my special needs student, Elise. I continue to learn and grow from my time spent in nature with this beautiful child. Our nature art therapy session today was inspired by our little feathered friends. Many little birds have arrived in the garden and the forest area evoking curiosity and wonder.

Expressions from the Heart and Soul

Following Elise’s interest in the birds, we set about making a simple birds nest.

We made our nests using clay or earth, natural materials that birds would collect themselves such as twigs, dry grasses, small feathers. Another option we like to do in class, is weave a nest – using willow for our small bowl like structure. (post to follow)

Hunting for the natural materials is all part of the fun

We take flight and fly up into the forest area to see what we can find. During our time foraging for nesting material we listened to the bird song, collecting a small amount of twigs, wild grasses and pine needles, taking only what we needed and giving thanks for each gift from nature.

“It is the marriage of the soul with nature that makes the intellect fruitful, and gives birth to imagination” – Henry David Thoreau

Elise began making her nest by rolling her brown clay into a ball then pressing in the centre to create a hole big enough to cradle the birds small eggs. (Egg shaped pebbles were used for eggs). Then she began pressing, pinching and pushing the materials into her clay bowl.

Little Baby Bird

Back down at the art table Elise was thrilled to find the colour teal amongst the coloured clay – it’s her favourite colour right now. She began her bird by rolling one large piece into an oval. Then added a smaller ball of clay for the head. She then created a tiny carrot shape for the beak. Rolled out and patted green clay into wings and pinched them into place on her birds body.¬†Finally adding a tiny piece of spruce for its tail.

Time to try out the nest…

There are infinite possibilities and opportunities to develop the child’s creative intelligence through this very simple – joy-filled exploration whilst engaging with nature and learning about our little feathered friends.

Why not go bird watching this weekend and be inspired!

I love birds, all birds, their song, their unique language and individual personalities….they inspired me to create my children’s book character – Lucy the Bird Keeper. A forest fairy who looks after all our little feathered friends.

You can purchase Lucy the Bird Keeper here: FOREST FAIRIES

Wishing you oodles of fun outdoors this weekend, love and peace Marghanita x

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