Lose Yourself In Nature And Find Peace


Good Morning Beautiful People..

I hope this finds you well on this sacred new day, what a gift.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed, possibly a little stressed, especially leading up to Christmas.

One way to reduce our stress is spending time in nature. Nature can nourish our soul and gift immense joy and peace. It is that deep rooted connection with nature that supports our mental, emotional and physical health.

Lose Yourself In Nature And Find Peace – Ralph Emerson

I would like to share with you a few wonderful nature activities you can do with your family or by yourself.

For those of you with snow, here is a beautiful, soulful outdoor activity – Snow Art :



And for those of you enjoying Summer – here are 5 magical and enchanting things to do during the summer holiday:



When we lose ourselves in nature, peace and harmony return to our hearts and we begin to remember our connection and our love grows deeper for our ever-giving, ever-loving Mother Earth.

‘There’s a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us. We need to wake up and fall in love with Earth.’ Thich Nhat Hanh


Wherever you are in the world, here’s wishing you a magical and enchanting weekend in nature, love and peace Marghanita xx

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