Love is the universal language understood by all


I wished to convey in my painting the need to share our love – to cradle with gentleness and purity. When we hug someone, we envelope them with our love – in this embracement, peace and joy are shared. A hug makes us feel protected and loved and this touching gesture does wonders for our well-being. (The benefits of hugging)


A smile is the beginning of Love


Before I wrote this I had to pop out for milk. On my way to the shop I passed 15 people or so. It was sunny for the first time in days, which was making everything glow. Grateful for the sunshine I smiled as I passed the city dwellers. Almost everyone had their head burried in their phones. One person was so preoccupied with their phone – I had to swerve so they didn’t bump into me.

I had almost given up hope of any connection when a lady smiled back at me – her smile made my smile last so much longer. This simple human act connects human to human, heart to heart.

We need this connection in our lives.

Love is contagious. Share the love. Love and kindness dissolves anger, rage, and violence.

Love Unites Us.

Love is so incredibly powerful. Let us celebrate this universal love each and every day.


I will leave you with one of my favourite artists – this artwork says it all…

Gustav Klimt – Mother and Child – 1905

Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful Sunday, know you are deeply loved – Marghanita x

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