Magical Monday

Don’t you just love when days flow so organically that you feel you are floating in a dream. Today was one of those days.

I awoke to find treasure scattered all around the garden. The wild winds the night before had left a carpet of pine cones, a small offering of tiny twigs, seeds and a few long stem flowers had unfortunately snapped.

Gifts from our Mother Earth offer hours of Nature Play

The giant pink headed flowers are¬†enchanting, whimsical and just bursting with love and happiness and would be perfect for pressing and printing. Giving thanks for these precious gifts I begin to play…

All you need:

  • A rock or large pebble
  • A piece of cloth
  • Colourful flowers

Fold the piece of cloth in half, open it back up and insert your flower(s) on one half, pressing the flowers flat.

Close your piece of cloth and press hard, flattening once again with your hands.

Now take your rock (or hammer) and pat the cloth and flower, you will begin to see the colour seep into the fabric.

As you can see, I had two little companions watching me – the Butterfly Girl Fairies giggled as I tried to gently imprint the flower onto the cloth. (I say gently because in a previous class, we used hammers and several students didn’t like hammering the flowers or the noise it created.)

Using pebbles seemed more organic and gentle taps were enough to create a bleeding of colour.

Once finished, the fairies remarked on how beautiful the cloth looked and proceeded to tell me that they were camping out this evening.

Well, guess who got to use the newly designed cloth – yes, little Jasmine was thrilled to have a flower printed cover for her sleep over.

I cannot express the joy nature play brings to all our lives…

Let’s make nature play every day!

Wishing you all a magical and enchanting week ahead with our beautiful – ever giving Mother Earth. With love and gratitude, Marghanita xxxxxxxx

You can learn more about my Nature Art Program here NATURE ART ONLINE COURSE

You can purchase the fairy Dolls here: Butterfly Girl Fairy Dolls


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  1. I wait for your posts as they insure not only me but many of our educators.
    The love of nature and its surrounds set the scene provoking a world untouched to explore
    Look forward to many more of your invoking posts

    1. Nature is the tutor for the artist.
      It provokes the creative mind in man,
      this nature art makes me feel that
      I too can do something creative to my level.
      I like your way of making deer.


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