Monday Morning Miracles

Monday Morning Miracles

Today I am grateful for the birds and their soulful music. Oh, the joy our little feathered friends gift us.

The skies were dark and heavy this morning and I was feeling a little overwhelmed, so I stepped outside to listen to my favourite music – sacred music for the soul. The bird song has always resonates deep within me, even as a child I rememeber how happy the bird song made me feel. There are no words to describe their music, all I can say is – its purity makes my heart sing and my spirit dance; and what I was fretting over earlier in the morning seemed less important as I listened to their soulful music; my heart filled up with love and gratitude.

Writing in my journal, I noted there were so many birds in the garden today – what a gift- what a miracle….yet I knew, if there were only one – just one single bird, its presence, it’s song would be just as powerful! Just one single bird can make our hearts sing and our spirits dance.

And so I began a little sketch…One Single Bird

I thought of children who may not get to hear the birds sing today, or tomorrow or maybe all week and how sad that made me feel. If only every child could have just one little feathered friend to visit them each day, to sing to the child, to share the miracle of its abundant love with the child – and for the child to share their love back – oh how much brighter this world would be.

One Single Bird

Make time today to take a moment to stop and listen to the bird song – bird song is the most sacred of music, not only is it healing and soothing for your soul, it will make you smile and your heart will be filled with love and gratitude.

Wishing you all a very Happy Monday and may you be blessed with the sacred music from our feathered friends, with love and gratitude on this sacred day, peace Marghanita x

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