A Mothers Love is the Beginning of Everything

My mother loved art college and graduated as an art teacher but gave up her career to bring up my (3) brothers and I. (She returned to teaching when we were much older).

Love is the beginning of everything

When I was little, my mother held my hand and took me outdoors to listen to the birds (her favourite being the Robin); to watch the flowers open up in the early morning sunshine (her favourite the tulips) ; we would walk gently around the garden observing the trees swaying in the gentle breeze (the Silver-birch being her favourite; and mine).

She was always there for me, after school she would ask how my day was and we would eat freshly baked rockbuns ; she watched patiently as I performed my gymnastics over and over again in the backgarden; she cradled me when I fell; she sang and painted and shared her love of the arts with my brothers and I and at bedtime would read poetry and make up stories of how the giraffe got its long neck or how the bee got it’s stripes.

One of her beautiful pieces of marquetry – “Dove in Tulips”

She showered me with unconditional love, and that love is ever flowing. She never judged or questioned what I did as I grew into an adult. She gifted me my freedom, one of the most sacred of gifts after love.

She loves gardening and always has a wheelbarrow close at hand…here I am with one of my brothers (above) and mum in her garden last Spring.

Her love allowed me to love deeply and freely – knowing love is the beginning of everything. I am truly grateful for her love and that love is felt even though she lives so far away, back in Scotland. My mothers love is like the warmth and light of the sunshine, forever glowing in my heart.

Her love is deeply rooted in my whole being gifting immense joy and peace.

My mother turned 89 today and I feel honored and incredibly blessed to share my life with this beautiful, soulful artist, singer, poet and lover of all life.

As I mentioned Robins are her favourite bird so I couldn’t resist making a little robin from one of the cottonwoood leaves I had pressed last Autumn. Happy Birthday Mother, with all my love Marghanita x  Miss you dearly x

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  1. Lovely message to your mom Marghanita you look so much like her both beautiful ladies inside and out. It is apparent where you get your love of nature and all the joy and happiness it brings into our lives. Have an amazing day and enjoy all the beauty of our mother earth. Kind regards Nancy O’Neil

    1. Post

      Thank you beautiful soul – I feel incredibly blessed to have parents who showered me with love and nurtured a deep and lasing love for nature and the arts…I wish every child could experience this kind of childhood…and why I do so love my work – thank you for your love and all that you do for our children Nancy, bless you on this sacred day, with love Marghnaita xx

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