My latest nature based art project  “MUSIC AND STORIES FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE TREES” –  infuses music, art and drama with other curriculum subjects into a magical, colourful performance with an environmental message.

Art, music and drama should be part of every child’s basic education. Just like nature, the arts are part of what make us human. We have been creating art and music since our cave dwelling days.


This project is part of an ARTSTARTS in schools project and was inspired by a beautiful piece of music ” Butterfly Blue” written by eco musicians Jon Sherman and Sabrina Kurz-Sherman. Their music and philosophy really resonated with my own beliefs.  (You can find a link to their beautiful music at the bottom of the page).

After listening to the “Butterfly Blue” track I grabbed my notebook and headed outdoors.


Dancing crickets and early evening bird song enveloped me in a soft warm blanket of love – thoughts and ideas for the nature art workshops flowed almost effortlessly.


The 6 week project (12 workshops) has morphed into a colourful performance with an environmental message: Exploring the beautiful journey and habitat of the butterfly and our deep-rooted connection with our life source – the trees – through language, art, music and drama, helping to rekindle and celebrate our “Human” communication.

tree spirit

Storytelling with their creations through music and movement helps to link the students with the environment in which they live. Offering students a beautiful and enriching way to express themselves creatively and providing a fun, exciting and joyful journey of getting back in touch with ourselves, the land, and our cultural roots.

The stories and music teach us what we have forgotten in our busy urban lives, they remind us to bring peace and harmony into our lives, and bring to the forefront of our consciousness the importance of time spent reconnecting with nature.

Children need to be given the opportunity to “Fall in Love” with nature, only then can we ask them to protect it.


The dancing Willow and shaking Aspen, the buzzing bee and flighty butterflies become the student’s friends. They begin to fall in love with the animals, birds, trees and insects that they see, hear and touch. Through hands on exploration art activities that take the students to environments for observation and drawing, then creating stories and sculptures based on their finding, captivates their hearts and instills a life-long appreciation for the natural world.


To quote David Suzuki “ The way we see the world, shapes the way we treat it”. “To know Nature and keep it worth knowing” (Central Okanagan Naturalists Club motto).


These nature art workshops help inspire children to be good stewards for the environment and take action in their school, home and community.


If you would like to learn more about my nature art workshops you can contact me :  or visit:

Here is a link to the beautiful songs we will be investigating over the coming weeks: Dryard Flutes

Have you heard of Artstarts? ArtStarts in Schools is a not-for-profit organization that provides innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for arts in education. I am proud to be an artist in the classroom. You can find me here: artstarts-marghanita hughes   Teachers, principals and

PAC representatives can apply for Artists in the Classroom (AIC) grants to bring professional artists into their classrooms. AIC grants support projects in schools across BC that demonstrate artistic excellence, strong curricular connections, high levels of student engagement and an active partnership between an educator and a professional artist.






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