Nature Art for the whole Community

Project Description:  Five Day Training Program – NATURE ART in the Community – Personal Development and learning how to structure nature art into the community

Problem: Ann, the founder of Rayon de soleil came to me asking for help on ways to bring nature and the arts into her community. Members of their community are on medication for stress and anxiety; have a loss of connection with their surrounding natural environment and there is a lack of mental health care services available. Having just signed up for my Urban Nature Art program she was inspired by how powerful the nature art activities were and wanted to bring it to her community.

The educators run a non profit organization with 7 daycare centres. They serve on average 500 families per year in their small community in Kapuskasing.

Solution: To provide the community with a hub for families and other members of the community where they can offer therapy in nature; nature art; art and music; meditation; drama and other nature based activities for those in need, gifting harmony and balance back into their lives and creating a stronger bond in the community.

We begin by looking at who makes up your community

Nature Art is a pathway to human health and happiness

Nature Art nurtures the whole being – heart, body, mind and spirit, through simple, soulful nature based art activities, helping to bring harmony and balance back into our lives. For this 5 day program I tailored the workshops for the educators specific needs.

Nurturing the heart, mind, and spirit

Professor Robyn Ewing from the University of Sydney says “research shows that the different art forms are important for our social and emotional wellbeing.There is a huge body of evidence that demonstrates that quality Arts processes and experiences, or Arts-rich processes, and experiences are able to transform what’s happening in the classroom. Whether it’s an early childhood setting, a primary, a secondary or a tertiary – because Arts processes embody a whole lot of those important processes we need in terms of developing our skills for coping with the huge challenges of 21st Century living and beyond.’

Personal Development

The Arts allow us to use our imaginations, to take risks and to collaborate with others – here we have the 3 educators collaborating, sharing thoughts and ideas for their Interbeing canvas wallhanging.

Do you remember the joy you felt when you were a child playing within nature or when you were allowed the freedom to express yourself creatively – painting, drawing, singing, dancing?

Sadly, today we lack an intimacy with the natural world.

First we have to build on our own personal relationship with the natural world and are own understanding and appreciation for the arts.

Ann spends time getting to know her tree

Creating art in nature is a beautiful way to enrich our lives and rediscover our deep rooted connection with nature and explore our own creative intelligence.

Re-awakening, reconnecting – each educator found their own tree to connect with; to observe, to listen with their hearts; to paint from the soul.

Teaching with Love and Compassion enables the educator to deliver lessons with much greater depth and meaning.

Our own way of being

The educators hearts were fully open. Love filled the air and we had a sense of freedom to explore, create, sing, dance, share and embrace each others words, beauty, love and spirits. Our creativity flourished. Video to follow soon, will keep you posted!

mixing earth paints

Art Nourishes the Soul

Celebrating the miracle of life each day, paying gratitude and respect to all we are gifted. The bird song… the dancing trees…the elements…the scented flowers and visiting bees and butterflies…offer infinite possibilities for creative exploration.

Appreciating the poetry; the music; the elements at the waterfall

Pastel Bird Song

The Dancing Trees and Little Pine People

Understanding Our Interconnectedness

Learning how to let go and be wild and free like a butterfly…

Butterflies in City Park

Building a Happier, Healthier more Creative Community

What the educators were able to take back to their community:

  • How to actively engage children with nature
  • How to bring the forest into the classroom
  • How to help others rediscover their own deep rooted connection with nature – nurturing a more intimate relationship with the natural world
  • Learning techniques on how to help others in the community to appreciate the arts 
  • How nature and art combined can help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Simple nature-based artful meditation
  • How to include and bring together other members of the community such as elders through nature art activities

Everyone in the Community can benefit from Nature Art

One of the greatest pleasures is helping others find more happiness and peace in their lives through creative nature art and playful explorations. I feel both honored and privileged to have had this sacred time to play, learn and grow with Ann, Jessica and Jess. Truly blessed.

If you would like to learn more about our Customised Nature Art Programs simply drop me an email or FB message me – I would love to get creative with you.

Full of gratitude to local farmers Jim and Lorena Wood for hosting one of the mornings at their organic farm.

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative September, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

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