Nature Art is Good for the Heart

Body, Mind and Spirit

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy, 
and we should treat it with the same status.”
– Sir Ken Robinson

Our children need creativity to live a full life. Creativity is also the means by which humans of all ages make an impact on the world and other people around them. At Educating the Heart we provide beautiful Nature Art Programs for both children and adults.

Join us Educating the Heart and be part of an International group of adults creating positive change

View Nature Art Program for kids…NATURE ART FOR KIDS

Art and Nature are pivotal in any child’s life. When combined together, the result is phenomenal: calm, serenity and a peaceful sense of being in the present moment…creativity is unleashed and the connection with nature becomes synonymous with pleasure!” – Kenza

New Nature Art Program for Adults

Nature Art brings harmony and balance back into our lives which ultimately makes us happier and healthier. If you would like to feel happier and healthier from the benefits of Nature Art, join us at Educating the Heart 

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