Nature Art Program

Educating the Heart through Nature Art is a nature-based program designed for Educators wishing to foster love and compassion, creativity and imagination. Nurturing the unique spirit of each child.

What others are saying about the nature art program:

 “The past months I have spent discussing, reading and creating have been such a joy.  So much compassion has been put into each chapter. During a time of electronic popularity, it is so importrant to take children outdoors!! These tools are great just for that – taking the children outside to learn about nature and to create with nature. Every lesson that I have taught inspired by your Nature Art chapters have been a fantastic success with my students. Not even the product of what we are creating, but the overall process. They have so much fun with each lesson I share. They are not only learning about new ways to interact with nature, but also how to respect the world around them. Thank you for all that you do!!! ” – Erin Glynn – Montessori Naturskola USA

“The program was every thing I expected, and more. It touched my soul. “Magaly Madrid – Teacher – Florida

“Thanks for your inspirational course, you have provided many ides and I love how many of them are linked with research and guided by past artist.” – Cherie Izzard – K4 Educator – Australia

“Last Chapter – I will start going through my last chapter. I look forward to travel throught its pages in a world that boosts my imagination and creativity. The journey with the nature art program had been a unique opportunity for me to reconnect with my holistic self and even if i will go through my last chapter soon, i deeply feel that this connection is only the beginning of a great journey in life. Thank you for reminding me the foundamental values of life, the values of love, gratitude, appreciation, oneness with nature and universe. ” – Theodora- Pre School tTacher, from Greece working in Sweden

“Educating the Heart Through Nature Art is a wonderfully inspiring and creative on-line course. Through beautiful photos, informative videos, and words that flow like poetry in nature, students are encouraged to learn new techniques and create art at their own pace. Marghanita Hughes does an excellent job of passing on her love of nature and fun, engaging activities, along with practical advice in providing nature art experiences with children.” – Shannon Carnegie, Preschool Owner, USA

“The most perfect and sacred course for my soul path ~ and I have an amazing teacher, mentor, kindred spirit, beautiful earth priestess soul guiding me on this beautiful path” – Lee-Ann – Teacher – South Africa

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