Are you that teacher that wishes to connect your students to Mother Earth’s Heart?

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Heres what others have been saying from around the globe…

Received my first pdf and video! The words were singing in my heart!
I haven’t realised how much I gain by walking barefoot. Walking meditation..
Today I will start creating my journey stick. You will receive pics soon. Thank you very much for sharing and being an important part of my journey!! I consider you as my mentor – Dorina – Kindergarten Teacher –  Sweden

Thanks Marghanita. I have done some of the previous chapters myself and am going to share the learning with my Environment Leaders following our Autumn break. – Lynne – Elementary Teacher – Australia

First Pdf read and video watched. Loved it! I feel your spirit like a gentle bird in the forest, happy and free. Thank-you Marghanita. Can’t wait to start my journey stick. – Hannah – Educator – Malaysia

“I am really loving the program: philosophy, methods, materials, videos and there is much more that I could list.”
Petra , Forest Kindergarten Owner, Slovenia

I am really enjoying the program – The readings are inspirational, the practical ideas are great and I love the videos. My journey stick is still evolving and I am learning more about myself and my own relationship with nature. I am also gaining in confidence in terms of my own artistic abilities, an area that I have always enjoyed but not felt very competent in.
– Cheryl, ECE New Zealand

I absolutely love your philosophy and practices for bringing children into a close, personal relationship with the earth! – Cecile – Elementary Teacher of 25 years, USA


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