Nature Art Therapy – Cat and Broomstick Magic

Down at the lake we searched for driftwood branches to make into broomsticks. Elise led the hunt, finding 3 and finally choosing the perfect one.

We collected water from the lake to mix our powder earth paints. Elise loves this activity, collecting the water offers an opportunity to observe the lake and the rhythms of the water, the sounds, the ripples, how cold it is.

She loves playing with the water, pouring, mixing the paints, creating new colours.

Sitting quietly listening to the calming sound of the water we painted our sticks.

We then gathered pine-needles and counted out 10 separate piles to add to our broomsticks. We explored the texture and smell of the needles, how some were longer than others. What tree did they come from? We then tied the ten bunches using twine.

When we got back up the hill to the forested area, Elise made her witches cat.
We began with shapes: circle, oval and triangles. Elsie then glued the eyes (we ended up having to stitch them in place as the glue didn’t hold well).

Elise had never sewn before – she did an amazing job!

Having left a small hole, Elise filled the cat’s body and head with stuffing.

Finally sewing the head to the body and adding a tail.
The cat was ready to add to the broomstick. Elise showed me where the cat should sit.

Doesn’t she look fabulous!

Elise named her Bella.

Time for a test flight!

Whee…Elise went zooming along the forest track.

Playful Sensory Experiences

Time down at the lake and up in the forest, offers Elise spontaneous, sensory exploration she could not experience in an indoor setting. These multi-sensory experiences are incredibly therapeutic for Elise. Being creative in these magical spaces, helps nurture a love for the natural world; and allows Elsie to express herself creatively, at her own pace, in a relaxed and calming environment.

We made witches hats and Elise decided to paint “Lucy the fairy “a white witches hat.

I love these one to one sessions with Elise, one of the special needs students I am working with this year. Elise suffers from a very rare brain disorder. Some days little Elise can suffer several seizures, each one life threatening. yet she is probably one of the most joyful children I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.

I am humbled by how much I learn from our time together outdoors in nature, exploring, creating, playing, wondering. Growing together!

Wishing you all a magical and enchanting weekend in nature, with love and gratitude, Marghanita xxx

You can learn more about our Nature Art Proram here: NATURE ART FOR ALL AGES

Elise is one of the special needs students I have the privilege of working with this year. You can follow our journey here: Nature Art Therapy

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