Nature is Our Greatest Storyteller

I have been spending a lot of time at the lake  – its mezmorising sound, forms and movement have me spellbound.

photo by David Hughes (

The rocks and pebbles are fascinating too – hundreds upon hundreds of different shapes, colours, sizes; each one unique and possesing it’s own ancient, sacred story.

I use pebbles and rocks in a lot of my art and nature art therapy work.

There are certain rocks that speak to you – this one below had me wondering how the dark lined ring had formed within its form.

It invited me to play…placing it on my body I could feel the energy of this ancient rock, it was quite remarkable…

I took it home and played with it some more. I added some blue ink to try and emphasis its powerful energy. Looking down at the pebble between my feet I realised it had lost it’s purity – it was more complete and more powerful in it’s natural organic form.

So I proceeded to wash the ink away and using my hands I gently rubbed it back to it’s truest form – letting it tell it’s story.

What a beautiful reminder of how perfect we are in our truest form. How blessed I feel to have this sacred rock find me and share its wisdom with me…how magical!

Nature truly is our greatest teacher!

Loving this beautiful journey of discovery – each day unfolding something new and wonderful.

Wishing you all an encahnting week ahead, know you are deeply loved and beautiful just as you are!


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