Nature in the City

Sketch for Wire Bird Sculpture – Module 5

Sketch for my latest Wire Bird Sculpture series inspired by Scottish Architect, Designer, and Painter  – Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s famous Rose Motif

Finding Inspiration

Urban Nature had a huge influence on the artist, early on his childhood and he would return over and over again to nature throughout his adult life for inspiration.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was the fourth of eleven children, The family’s first tenement was situated on Parson Street overlooking the gothic Glasgow Necropolis; their father tended a vegetable garden and such became an early influence on Mackintosh who developed an avid interest in organic and botanical form and growth. 

After sketching my bird sculpture I begin with a mini version using fine copper wire….

Wire Bird Sculptures – Module 5

Will be sharing the finished sculpure later next month until then why not join us on this beautiful journey of creative expression

Creativity is ancient and part of what makes us human

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Bird Song – Module 5


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