Nature Play has the power to deeply enrich your life

“Play is a basic human need as essential to our well-being as sleep, so when we’re low on play, our minds and bodies notice,” Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play in Carmel Valley

Nature Play isn’t just for kids – Nature Play has the power to deeply enrich your life as an adult!

Have you ever ridden on the back of a deer?

With our Imaginations we can do anything – go anywhere...


Danced barefoot as a butterfly among the wildflowers or the sparkling lake-shore?



Climbed a tree to touch the moon; created a wall hanging with earth paint?



Got messy with clay?



Written a story about a character you created?



Built a fairy den and slept under a blanket of stars?



If not, then I can show you how…join me for a playful wild Nature Art weekend this Fall. (If you can’t make it in person, then join our Internatioanl Nature Art Program online).

Let the Adults Play

Simply leave a message or email me if your interested in finding out more – wishing you all a playful weekend, with love and gratitude on this sacred new day, know you are deeply loved, peace Marghanita x





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