Nurturing the Child’s Creative Spirit

Continuing my sessions on Storytelling with Nature with special needs student Elise, we investigated what the animals and birds need in order to survive – shelter, water and food. (Post on Habitat will follow)

Having made clay and paper-mache models of the main book characters (fox, crow, rabbit and owl), Elise wished to take them into the forest to help them find shelter and food.


We carry the animals and birds up the hill into the forest area.


Imagination and creativity flourish outdoors

Elise declares the large den (fairy home) would make a great home for all the animals and birds.


Connecting the Child to Mother Earth’s Heart

All children are beautiful, unique, spirited beings full of love, light and wonder and need time in nature to express themselves freely and creatively. Storytelling with nature helps nurture a deep love and appreciation for natural world through meaningful art.

Stories entertain and educate us. They are part of what make us human..Storytelling is what connects us to our humanity. We have told stories, through cave drawings and around fires, we have told stories as a way to shape our existence.

Storytelling occurs organically

Elise proceeded to share with me, her story about the fox, rabbit, owl and crow…how happy they were to share their new home.

Elise made a vegetable patch for them – carrots and cucumbers were the first to be added.

She sang as she hunted and gathered rocks, pine needles and cones.

“Nature inspires creativity in a child by demanding visualization and the full use of the senses”
Richard Louv –Last Child in the Woods

Elsie said the crow was going to hunt for fish to feed everyone. Finding a small patch of snow she took her crow and made it fly down into the water to catch a fish.

Back at the den all the animals were fed and ready for bed. Leaves became blankets and pillows.

Elise painted some of the den with earth paint – she said the animals and birds would like the colours.

Fox, owl, crow and bunny loved their new home!

“Maybe the deer will visit the den Marghanita”  said Elise

“I am sure they will Elise” I said, as we skipped down down the hill flapping our arms as wings and cawing wild, like the crows.

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative Wednesday, with love and gratitude Marghanita x

If you would like to learn more about the Nature Art Program or Nature Art Therapy visit: Nature Art Program

Educating the Heart through Nature Art is a nature-based program designed for Educators and parents wishing to foster love and compassion, creativity and imagination. Nurturing the unique spirit of each child.



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