Once Upon a Time…

Storytelling with Nature: Once upon a time their was a little Dragon…

Children learn out of interest and curiosity.

Elise is one of the special needs students I am working with this year. During our one to one session last week, she drew a dragon cloud in one of her paintings and told me she loved friendly dragons, so in yesterday’s class we made…

Friendly Clay Dragons

Clay is a wonderful medium to play with. Elise poked and squished, pinched and rolled

and created the most adorable Dragon.

We hunted and gathered pine seeds, leaves, cones and other interesting material from the forest floor to complete our little clay dragons. Elise led the way…

We gave thanks for the gifts we collected and took only what we needed. We are constantly learning from each other and our beautiful Mother Earth.

What a joy and privilege it is to spend time in nature, exploring, observing, creating, playing, growing with this incredible child.


Now as you all know, dragons love to rest and hang out in caves – so we walked down to the lake.

At the lake we built a huge cave for our very friendly dragons.


The dragons ROARED with excitement at their new home, Elise roared too!

These multi-sensory experiences are incredibly therapeutic for Elise. Being creative in these magical spaces, helps nurture a love for the natural world; and allows Elsie to express herself creatively, at her own pace, in a relaxed and calming environment.

Elise found the perfect rock for a table and covered the cave floor with leaves for bedding.

We took a walk, playing dragons along the way – the uneven rocks are hard to walk on, providing a good workout for Elise’s weak ankles.

We gathered fallen branches and driftwood to cover the entrance of the cave.

Elise coloured one of the fallen branches making it into a protective rainbow stick for the dragons home.

Before leaving, Elise drew a dragon all stretched out, calm and relaxed enjoying the sound of the lapping water.

Elise calls the lake her happy place…we take it slow on our way back.

Today we were going to revisit the cave but sadly Elise has been fighting seizures so our class was cancelled. Elise suffers from neurological heterotopia disorder, Subcortical Band Heterotopia. A very rare brain disorder. Some days little Elise can suffer several seizures, each one life threatening.  She is a brave warrior and her incredible journey is a constant reminder of the miracle of life. Prayers have been sent for little Elise on this sacred new day.


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