Respond to every call that excites your spirit


“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” – Rumi

And so I did – nature is forever calling our spirit to come and play….to dance and sing and create…

The golden amber and rusty earth tones of the Beech leaves danced in the winter sun. Creating a glow that could not be ignored. The gentle breeze swirled it’s way around the giant beech tree, persuading the remaining leaves to let go; falling, they return to the damp earth once more, to begin a new.

A beautiful reminder from nature of the need to let go. And yet, secretly, I wish to hold onto Autumn’s colour just a little bit longer. I absolutely adore colour – don’t you?

I gathered a handful of the fallen leaves, along with a few twigs and gave thanks to the Beech tree. My spirit danced as I lost myself in creative play, relishing every magical moment.

Here is my little Beech Dancer I made from the fallen twigs and leaves –  couldn’t resist making a short video…

Art is the highest form of human expression

In our adult nature-art therapy classes, the students find the stick people activity extremely therapeutic. They talk gently, sharing stories as they wind the yarn slowly around their little figure, creating a little jumper or a pair of trousers.


We protect what we love

Creating Nature Art, such as little stick people, allow the child (and adult) to observe and interact with the environment. This beautiful, organic experience helps nurture a deep love and respect for the natural world.


The fallen branch was once part of the living tree – a story in itself. Now you are giving new life to the fallen branch with the help of our imagination. The child/adult makes their very own stick person (people) and creates a story around their character(s).

Now it’s your turn – Once upon a time…

I do hope you feel inspired to create a little stick being!


The Magnificent Beech Tree


Did you know in some parts of the world, delicate Beech leaves are used in mattresses and pillows instead feathers. (I know this to be true for the fairies in our garden, the fairies also love to use the beech nuts for winter hats!) Beech is associated with femininity and is often considered the queen of British trees, where Oak is the king. The leaves and fruit from the Beech tree provide extracts for fabric dyes. And in England, the oil from the beech tree was used for cooking and to fuel lamps.

Isn’t nature amazing! I feel ready to embrace the birth of winter and all it’s magic – the bare trees in their skeleton form offer more inspiration for yet more stick creations…but that’s for another day!


Wishing you a beautiful and enchanting week ahead, love and peace Marghanita x

If you wish to learn more about Storytelling with Nature visit : STICK PEOPLE


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